I Love Traveling. 

Travelling has been a long dream come true for me because each time I traveled, I learned many new things and face different challenges that has made me grow to be more matured. 

Through this channel, I wanted to document our journey traveling as a family and the bonding that we have to complete the big puzzle and lifelong dream that we have..


Krabi - Grand Centara Resort

Hua Hin - Hills Vineyard

Hua Hin - Venezia

Hua Hin - Cicada / Chatsila Night Market

Hua Hin - Rest Detail Resort


6D5N Hongkong Trip with a Kid

Johor Bahru

Staycation at Legoland Hotel

Staycation at KSL Resort


10D9N Spain Adventure


Staycation at Festive Family Sentosa Hotel

Staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin

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