Monday, April 12, 2021

Apr 2021 - Portfolio & Transaction Updates



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I don't know if it is just me but time has flew really fast this year so much that it's hard to believe that we are already in the month of April.

If we just take a couple of moments back, we just had the US election in Nov 2020 and then soon after that we had Chinese New Year in the early part of the year. The overall standstill in the movement of the human population makes it feel like we are repeating the week in a flash with every seconds gone by.

Anyway, let's get straight down to business.

The end of Quarter 1 heading towards April was a great one.

I received dividends from the couple of REITs that I owned - with the likes of Manulife REIT, Lendlease REIT, Starhill REIT, Ascendas REIT and Prime REIT. At the same time, the tech market, especially the one listed in HKG was also undergoing a little bit of correction and volatility. The chip shortage ongoing issues also mean that manufacturers and production was mostly delayed and this presents an opportunity for investors to start loading up their warchest and accumulate slowly.

Portfolio Updates

This month, I've made a little rotation out of my dividend yielding companies back into growth, particularly those that have been beaten down due to short term factors.

I sold my positions for Ascendas REIT and Prime REIT at a decent gain of 5% and 11% respectively (excluding dividends) in order to raise cash to purchase other beaten down growth stocks.

I am still keeping my top few positions in Manulife REIT, Lendlease REIT and Starhill REIT because I think they still have a good runway to go given the reopening of the economy back into the workforce.

In the US market front, I purchased a giant e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba as I managed to catch them at a decent low before the recent results of the $2.8billion fine which they accepted. For Alibaba, many of the bad recent news have been priced into the market so there is a good risk reward opportunity for investors to load up given how badly they have been priced in by the market. 

Together with Manulife REIT, Alibaba is now my biggest holding position.

I had also purchased a small position for AMD at near $75 during the recent tech correction as I found them to be unfairly punished by the market. The sector is currently undergoing a secular cycle where demand is outstripping supply by a wide haul so we should expect margins to continue going up as chip shortage continues to dominate the market. At $75, it is also sitting nicely at the EMA50 weekly chart.

My other remaining positions for Options (Sell Put) are mostly at the likes of Alibaba, JD, AMD, Qualcomm, MU, Palantir, Meituan, Geely and other small ones as these are companies which I found to be great leaders in their respective sector but unfairly punished by short term volatility of the market. The premiums are also enticing especially in the recent market correction where the premium would spike.

As mentioned in my previous update, I am still playing it safe so I have not really tapped into my leverage CFD account just yet. If you are interested to explore CFD, Phillip MT5 is now offering zero commission for CFD play which you can try out the demo here or sign up right away here.

Networth Updates

It has been a really good first Quarter as the net worth picks up quite significantly beyond what I expect to be quite a rough year. Turns out there are ample opportunity even in a market that is accommodative like what we have today.

The equity portfolio for this month climbs to $377,120, which is a good improvement over last month and on a good trajectory upwards year to date despite the recent tech correction.

With reopening still in the play, I am confident there are more upside to come and it is likely that the market will see it good this year with most economies bouncing back up.

Stay safe and sound.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I've heard about generating income from selling options but never got to know how to go about doing it, for example on Tiger. Will be great if you can write an article about this!

  2. uncle168,

    if the gov don't ban india flights, we will lockdown in may as the double mutated covid cannot be detected via testing and spread very fast

    god speed


    this is like when the gov ban euhan flights too late

    the 4g leaders do not heve the iron in them

    looks like another $100 billion going down the drain again :(

  3. uncle168,

    i believe the indian double mutated covid is already in singapore as we have been accepting india flights even when other countries have ban them

    the likely path of transmission is via office for it ceca like the dbs case and in eating places where migrant workers has been allowed to come back to work ln a recent case

    elderly who took vaccine have gathering in crowded places where they take off their mask and talk like hawker centre and coffee shop will be a key vector to bring back homw to their families this time easily infecting young adults and children

    the sg 2nd wave will repeat the useless 4g leader in placing money above lives as our reserves empty to save the rich instead of the poor

    this mutated covid target now is children and young adults

    i overheard a kid tell his father why i keep coughing

    the father kept quiet

    stinkies will only go hospitsl until very bad condition as while family has to quarrantine if kenna covid

    so when suddenly the a&e many people it is too late as cb2 will occur around 2 weeks from end april in may

    the 4g leaders have to plan for a future assuming covid is permanent

    travel is impossible

    and migrant working would return home gradually when they realise covid will never end

    this means planning for domestic manufacturing of essential food and medication

    increasing wages of essential workers to replace migrant workers with singaporeans

    estate duties on millionaires to fund the huge deficits ahead as elderlu death rate surge and birth rate plunge to zero

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    the gov refuses to increase the wages of essential workers to a living wage or a minimum wage so singaporeans will take over from migrant workers

    if we have 9 more lockdowns our reserves will become zero as it is estimated our reserves is a trillion dollars and each lockdown cost 100 billion


  6. uncle168,

    the gov should display statistics how many people go icu or up lorry after taking the vaccine within 14 days instead saying nobody has been killed by the vaccine

    this is impossible as all countries have reported death after being vaccinated which is normal

    the gov should lay out the facts and let people decide whether they want to take the risk

    the reality now is travel will never be possible in our lifetime and we will have to depend on ourselves as countries start ban export of essential goods like food and medicine

    the cabinet reshuffle did not reveal who is the dpm

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    god speed


  7. uncle168,

    if more people ends up dead or in icu after vaccination than from contracting covid-19

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