Monday, April 26, 2021

5 Reasons to Invest in the LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective portfolio

Lion Global Investors ("Lion Global") - one of Asia's leading asset management companies, has recently announced the launch of their latest managed portfolio -  LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective, exclusively available through Saxo Markets' platforms.

Led by experienced professionals and portfolio managers, the Lion Global Investors' Curated Portfolios team has curated a globally diversified multi-asset portfolio designed with an Asian lens. This means the portfolio retains its global characteristics but provides an additional strategic exposure to China, broad Asia and the Emerging Markets as key sources of future yield and growth potential.

Previously, Saxo Markets' other managed portfolios were created with other industry leading names such as BlackRock, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright, Morningstar and Brown Advisory.

The new portfolio is suitable for investors who are looking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns ensuring risks taken are commensurate with potential returns, particularly in industry and geographical sectors that will be booming in the next few years.

In this article, I have listed 5 reasons why the LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective portfolio might be suitable for you:

1.) Globally Diversified Portfolio With Targeted Exposure to Asia and the Emerging Markets

The portfolio comprises of nine best-in-class mutual funds and low-cost ETFs and is managed dynamically by investment professionals so its composition can change and respond to market events.

The Curated Portfolios team uses open architecture when selecting funds. Therefore, they can select any fund available on Saxo Markets' platform. Lion Global does not receive trailer fees from any of the fund managers of funds selected in the portfolio and this allows them to remain objective in their fund selection process.

The portfolio is well diversified across major asset classes (Equities/Fixed Income/Commodities) and Regions (Developed markets/Emerging markets/US/Europe/Asia). Leveraging on Lion's Global's expertise in Asian markets, the Asian lens means there is additional strategic exposure to China, broad Asia and the Emerging Markets as key sources of future yield and growth potential compared to a typical global portfolio that may have less weighting to these regions as they tend to lean more towards the US and European equities and fixed income.

Unless it is not ideal to do so from an investment perspective, the portfolio will be rebalanced on a quarterly basis. Rebalancing means either the exposure of each mutual fund/ETF in the portfolio is increased/decreased or, if necessary, mutual funds/ETFs can be added or removed.

This helps the portfolio strike a balanced allocation for optimal return and risk management.

Geographically, this will cover the major markets such as exposure to US, Europe, China, Japan and Indonesia with targeted exposure in various growing sectors such as Electric Vehicles, 5G Communications and Emerging Market equities.

In essence, Lion Global and Saxo Markets have created a premium private-banking type investment solution, managed by investment professionals that offer the best possible asset allocation, fund selection, portfolio monitoring and quarterly rebalancing and made it simple and easy to access for the retail investor.

2.) Past Performance Returns Based on Back-Testing Strategy

A back-testing strategy was performed to see how the portfolio would have performed if it were incepted 5 years ago.

While the product has only been recently launched in February, past simulated returns based on the back-testing strategy have been nothing less than impressive.

Each of the mutual funds/ETFs in the portfolio has its own live track record. The performance return of the portfolio is simulated by using the past 5-years live track records of each mutual fund/ETF in the portfolio according to their respective exposures (i.e pro-rata exposure) within the overall portfolio.

  • YTD: 2.38%
  • 2020: 25.61%
  • 2019: 23.49%
  • 2018: -7.72%
  • 2017: 24.79%
Note: Past-performance simulation is not indicative of future performance.

3.) Expense Ratio and any other costs involved

A service fees is charged at 0.25% per annum.

The service fee is an annualized fee that is paid for having the portfolio managed and actively rebalanced as necessary.

It is charged to the portfolio at the end of each quarter based on the daily value of the portfolio and calculated on a daily pro-rata basis.

There are no other hidden costs involved such as platform or commission fees.

Expected ETF Costs: If your portfolio invests into ETFs, you should know that the ETF manufacturer takes their charge from within the ETF. This is convenient as it means there are no cash transactions (to the ETF manufacture to cover costs), costs are simply reflected in the performance of the ETF.

4.) No Lock-in Period

There is no lock-in period.

What this means is that as investors, you are able to exit your positions at any point in time if, for instance, you want to realize your profits, or you need your funds urgently without any penalty.

However, do note that the managed portfolio is designed for investors who are looking for mid-to long-term investing so it is best to align your perspective before investing.

5.) How Much (Minimum) Can I Invest?

The minimum investment for the USD denominated portfolio is a lump sum of USD10,000.

There is also a Regular Savings Plan (RSP) option for the SGD denominated portfolio which starts from an initial investment as low as SGD2,000, and then regular monthly contributions will start from a minimum of SGD100 subsequently.

The RSP has its own distinct advantages in that it allows you to start small and then slowly work your way up through accumulation over time.

You will also benefit from the time value of dollar-cost averaging - a concept I have written about in my past articles.

Final Thoughts

I find the LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective portfolio an investment solution that is suitable for investors who are looking to invest in several high growth markets in one portfolio and who would like to leave their investments in the good hands of a professional.

It is also suitable for investors who may feel there are too many funds and ETFs out there for them to research, analyze and rank by themselves efficiently and who would like a professional investor to do it for them so they can free up their time for other things.

While there is one small cost, a service fee of 0.25% per annum (for example, a $10,000 investment would attract a service fee of only $25 per annum), this is relatively small change as compared to the amount of time and effort you would have to put in on your own with a DIY portfolio.

As with all investment risks, do note the risks involved before you make your own decision regarding your investments.

For those of you who are interested in opening a Saxo account, simply use this quick link.

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration article with Saxo Markets.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. uncle168,

    with pofma and hospital claiming zero icu and death linked to vaccination the only option is choosing not to be vaccinated

    vaccination doesn't give one immunity again covid and the person continues to be a vector of transmission

    the only thing that has worked is to avoid social contact which is keeping our borders closed, wearing mask and avoid going to crowded places forever

    my entire family are not getting vaccinated as the risk outweigh the benefits

    the risk is icu or death

    the benefit is actually nothing

    vaccinated people still get infected and spread covid if they don't wear mask and avoid socialising

    in short the gov wasted $1b buying vaccine and risk losing power in the next pe and ge as victims while cannot prove they died of vaccination the gov silence on the number of people who died or end up in icu after vaccination is not revealed

    instead the media release report that trust in the gov has gone up

    no wonder nobody reads sph newspaper anymore

    i have no doubt the pap will lose power in ge2025

    god speed


  2. uncle168,

    lhl has proven vaccination is useless as he worn 2 mask in indonesia asean meeting

    if the vaccine works he don't need to wear right


  3. uncle168,

    the hk sg travel bubble is used to trick young adults to get vaccinated

    travel will never be possible in our lifetime

    plane can only be used to transport cargo

    instead of planning for a future when covid is permanent the gov is still dreaming some day all this will end

    the goal of this virus made by china is to wipe out the human race just like hiv

    covid is hiv + sars spread easily and kills slowly

    eventually a mutated form of covid will learn to kill children as now it has learn how to kill young adults

    at the current death rate, covid will wipe out the human race by 2088

    so no need to save mother nature liao

    nature created covid to save itself


  4. uncle168,

    israel now no wear mask and refuse to ban india flight

    next month it sure lockdown again like sg


  5. uncle168,

    the gov should have ban india flights in end march

    now is too late like the wuhan late ban the india mutant has spread in the community for nearly a month

    its ability to kill young adults and children would soon be tested as people return to work and school

    a second lockdown in mid may is expected as the vaccine is useless against this mutated virus

    soon all the dorm will be infected again and cb2 bring us back to square one last year in april

    most adult singaporeans have bcg this is why the kill rate in singapore is low

    let us hope the gov tighten restriction fast enough to prevent this highly contagious mutant from overwhelming our hospital as our bed to population ratio is very low

    god speed


  6. uncle168,

    i bet all the 30 death case in singapore didn't take bcg either they were too old when sg started bcg or are foreigners

    bcg protect the lumgs from infection from tb

    the gov should ask foreigners in sg to take bcg instead


  7. uncle168,

    cb2 has to commence from wed for 2 weeks phase 1

    the mistake was not to ban india flights from end march just like what happened last year with wuhan

    this mutant cannot be detected from testing

    it also kills young adult and children

    looks like an other record profit for dbs as the gov raid the reserves to save the rich instead of implementing minimum wage for the working poor

    god speed


  8. uncle168,

    the reality is covid is permanent and the gov is afraid to tell the people the truth

    a normal virus doesn't become stronger as it spread unless it is genetically modified to do so a bio war weapon to wipe out the human race

    we have to keep our borders closed permanently and restructure our economy as a logistics and it hub

    the tourism and aviation sector is no longer viable as travel as become impossible

    by year end many malaysians in singapore will go home as they realise covid will never end

    planes offices malls schools would not exist in the future as the human race desocialise to adapt to covid that spread and kill via contact

    the world would be very different from today where only goods travel and people stay in place

    we have to coexist with the virus by removing travel from our dictionary forever

    god speed


  9. uncle168,

    covid 21 is here

    it can evade testing

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    hence mask is now useless

    the only defence now is to stop all social contact

    we must lockdown now

    i estimate around 5k will die from covid 21

    infected should be 500k by year end

    we were lucky last year

    this year its different

    the virus is ready to kill in china and usa

    you see the pattern

    it goes one round around the world

    it upgrade itself then round 2

    this keep repeating every year until it wipe out the human race

    then no need all the sustainability bullshit liao

    planet earth will be a better place without people

    god speed


  10. uncle168,

    the current increase in community case is from imported case

    the virus entered singapore from a plane from india

    the government allow planes from india to continue to fly into singapore when they knew the mutant was highly contagious and could not be detected from testing

    it is not singaporean fault the community case is rising

    it is the government's fault for repeating the wuhan mistake

    if we call for any by election now the opposition will win easily

    the people is very angry with the government as many has ask the government to ban india flight in april but was ignored

    now singaporeans are blamed instead

    the 4g leaders are stupid and liars

    singapore is doomed

    god speed


  11. uncle168,

    the irony now is the dorm is now the safest place in singapore as the migrant worker are not allowed to socialise

    this means only dorms with new workers from india would be infected with the mutant virus

    whereas residence are allowed to socialise which increase the speed the mutant spread in workplace school malls gyms and back home

    this mutant makes the pap look like a clown playing with stinkies lives

    god speed


  12. uncle168,

    progressive wage is not minimum wage

    minimum wage sets a floor on wages much like how the gov justify a million dollar wage for minister

    but workers are not as greedy as the gov they just want a floor on wage to survive in singapore as the cost of living is very high

    the cost of living is high as the gov doesn't tax capital so rich people borrow from the bank cheaply to buy property pushing up prices and poor people get 0.0005% on deposit interest and spend their life savings to buy a bto flat that is worthless after 99 years that now takes 7 years to build while dbs make record profits and the ceo a indian stinkie make so much money no singaporean can make in their lifetime and he can go back to india anytime if sg fails as ceca states indian can return but only cannot vote thats why many indian become stinkies as can 2 head snake

    who in the right frame of mind will vote for such a government bailing out the rich and refusing the poor a minimum wage?

    the pap is finished

    heng ran road knowing this but kept quiet

    god speed


  13. uncle168,

    progressive wage is useless

    the worker rather work ot to make more money

    the real purpose of progressive wage is for grassroot leaders from profiting by setting up training centre to earn the gov grants

    you go for any of the training is learn nothing much but the company doing the training makes a lot of money

    by the time you get your progressive wage your whole family starve to death liao

    you see so many conditions just to get a living wage

    yet the gov no condition just say pm lee should be the pm until the day he die can get million dollar celery

    song bor?

    knn the pap

    knn the ntuc

    sell the things more and more expensive can still call fairprice meh?

    not only has the pap lost its way it doesn't know how to find its way back

    god speed


  14. uncle168,

    "Don't make the mistake which other countries have done - celebrate too early, relax too fast, let your guard down (and) cause another wave to come. Very often worse than the first and more nasty drastic measures become necessary."

    is he talking about himself?


  15. uncle168,

    a new trend of spreading of the mutant virus of pr or work pass that rent flats is emerging

    this would accelerate the spread to entire block of flat thru lift buttons railings void deck seats exercise corner playground


  16. uncle168,

    without the media business, sph is worthless as without government support, it will be just a normal private property business and the share price would just keep dropping until it is aquired by the glcs like cpl as a steep discount to nav

    sph media business has a lot of intangible value that the government has to pay to acquire, it is unlikely shareholders will approve the spin off

    the shareholders would knows the government will not let the media business die so even if sph kept the media business, it will never collapse


  17. uncle168,

    it is ironic that the media business that once fuelled the expansion of its property business with its steady operating cashflow is now being thrown under the bus as it grows old and is abandoned by its parent

    the media business is very simple, hire journalist who writes well and people will pay to read his articles, advertisers will follow, as readership grows, advertising rates increase in tandem

    so what went wrong?

    the internet killed the newspaper star

    in the past the only source of news was from the public tv channels, radio and newspaper when there was no internet

    but google and facebook soon took sph's lunch for free and got away with it stealing almost all of its advertising revenue

    essentially sph journalist was writing articles for the internet giants but was paid by sph, this meant readers read the articles for free by searching google and on facebook instead of buying the newspaper

    the advertisers knowing this turned their money to the internet giants instead of sph

    the singapore government did nothing to protect the intellectual property of sph

    the government should make the internet giant pay for all the clicks over the past 20 years they have stolen from sph

    if sph becomes a not for profit company it is finished according to lky

    "You make profit a dirty word and Singapore dies"

    without profits good journalist will not join sph

    that is why cna newsroom is not as good as sph because cna loses money every year

    the only way to keep journalism alive is to merge mediacorp with sph creating a media monopoly in singapore offering one stop tv radio and newspaper advertising

    a new law on internet giants to pay click thru rate on all advertising using singapore ip address payable to media owners should be enacted to protect the intellectual property of local media

    the media business is a profitable business and is essential for the intellecual development of its people

    a non-for-profit is a bad move

    please do not kill 160th media

    take back the profit from the internet giants

    hire good journalist

    and everything will fall in place

    god speed


  18. uncle168,

    I would like Ng Yat Chung to explain why all the articles written by Marissa Lee on Best World when she was with the business times is all gone from the internet and why Best World stopped advertising with its newspaper and does it has to do with Marissa Lee leaving SPH for undercovering Best World best secrets?

    Its difficult to be independent when you write articles relating to your pay master


  19. uncle168,

    Dora Hoan Beng Mui, PBM
    Co-Chairman, SPBA Lianhe Zaobao China Prestige Brand Award
    Vice Chairman, Radin Mas CCC

    Doreen Tan Nee Moi, PBM
    Patron, Pasir Ris West CCC

    Marissa Lee should get an award for uncovering someone linked to the pap but instead she left sph which i find strange

    instead you see all the other that stayed in bt write safe articles that nobody reads

    quite sad good people leave lousy people stay


  20. uncle168,

    i think only 20% of the shareholders would vote for the deal, most will reject as they gain nothing while the gov gets a free media business

    sph has 61K shareholders, the largest shareholder only holds 2.275%, it is unlikely the restructuring of the media business will go thru due to the following reasons:

    - sph without its media business would lose the implied support of the government with the standalone property business reducing its ability in securing deals with GLCs like Keppel in building data centres

    - the media business have intangible value and the government should pay shareholders for the business instead the other way round

    - shareholders would rather liquidate the media business as sph nav is S$2.26 and the share price now is S$1.61

    shareholders don't care what the media business means to singapore, they only care what they get out of this deal which is not in the interest of shareholders

    the government or keppel should make an offer for sph and sph reit and do whatever they want after shareholders get at least the nav value from their investment rather than splitting up the business when the gov get the media business for free


  21. uncle168,

    the shareholders can request for an egm to liquidate the media business instead without transferring any assets to the gov

    why should shareholders pay to keep the gov mouth piece alive?

    this is ridiculous

    are sph shareholders fools?

    the management shares can only influence the appointment of executive on the board but cannot block other resolutions

    i'm shocked penang cow already think this is a done deal

    getting 2 old man to run an old newspaper is doomed to fail

    the gov is just trying to keep its mouth piece alive using taxpayers money

    in the next presidential election tcb would become the next president slapping the pap in the face


  22. uncle168,

    i feel sad for the local indian community

    its as if the gov has sold them out for money protecting ceca indians

    the ceca indians even after they become singaporeans they don't integrate with the local indian community because of the caste system

    this racism problem didn't happen overnight it started from the day ceca was signed because of money

    the price we pay is the social fabric in singapore

    the pap is finished



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