Sunday, June 21, 2020

Why You Should Still Pursue Financial Independence Even If You Love Your Job

A reader contacted me recently and we chatted a little bit in exchange about her situation.

I obtained her permission to share her story since I believe someone out there may be in a similar situation as her. As promised, I will leave out certain key information which may be deemed confidential.

About Her:

She was born in the year of rat and had gone to the same college school as I did so I figured out she is probably one year my senior. I do not know who she was and we were not acquainted in any way until we spoke recently.

She had two children, aged 7 and 4 so we have a lot of common topics to exchange and perhaps because of that I could feel it for her.

She has been retrenched involuntarily from her role recently due to the company downsizing most of its operations in South East Asia due to Covid-19. 

She worked as a Customer Happiness Manager and have been in the company for close to 7 years. 

From the way she was describing her role, it seems that she loves her job a lot, up to the point where she had to sacrifice some of her personal family time to work overtime on weekends due to the nature of her role.

Up until recently, she has never thought hard and deep about her financial security because she was alluding more towards her job security for as long as she did her role well.

She felt somewhat regretful of her situation because she never really give much thought to her own financial situation until it gets too late.

Why Do We Need To Pursue Financial Security Even Though We Love Our Jobs?

I really feel for the reader above after chatting with her.

Based on our conversations, she seemed like a really hardworking worker and a nice down to earth person who's just trying to make a living for her family.

Nothing seems wrong with her personality and attitude and she just couldn't understand why she's in a dire situation today even though she has put 100% of her energy into believing what's best for her.

After hearing it from her, I can't help but think of why in my obvious biased opinion (I've clearly been brain-washed since I pursued this path from a decade ago) everyone should pursue their own financial security even though they may find joy, value and purpose in working.

1.) Black Swan Event Can Wipe Out Companies

If there's anything that the millennials of our generation can take away from a black swan event like Covid-19, it is that there's probably no companies and no roles that are immune to the impact.

Almost every companies out there, even the strongest ones, are sending mixed signals about the outlook uncertainty of the economy in the next 1 to 2 years.

There's so many variables at play for companies to make good reasonable projection forecast that we can only hope things do not get worse from here. As an employee, you want to certainly hope that you are not the pawn being a variable factor that will be sacrificed if things go downhill from here.

2.) No Job is Perfect Forever

Great jobs and roles, even if they are perfect today, might not be the case forever.

Bosses and colleagues may move on and change, management priorities may evolve or the job security you once had may no longer be valid case anymore.

You may have a new boss who micromanages your work, new colleagues who may be difficult to work with or new tasks that you may not like as much as before.

Regardless, things might be quickly change and be different from what once you used to love but not so anymore.

3.) Changing Priorities in Life

Most of us will have different priorities at different stages of life.

If you are young and single, you may dedicate more time and commit more resources to work because you can afford to do so with your vibrant health and aspirations.

Once you are married and have children, your priorities would likely shift towards a more work-life balance lifestyle. You want to avoid a situation where you have to burn midnight oil consistently to have a conference meeting with the other side of the world or worse still outside most of the time, missing precious family time together and most of your children's growth years.

When you get older, you may find yourself getting more tired or your health might just deteriorate to the point that you are not able to function as effectively as before.

4.) Keeping Discipline Over Your Personal Finance Situation

One of the greatest thing once you decide to pursue this path towards financial independence is you start to get discipline over your personal finance and be anal about everything that's going in and out of your bank account and spending.

A nicer way to put it in context is perhaps accountability.

You will want to be in charge over the spending that you can control while choosing to keep your lifestyle balance in check.


Since I started writing and working, my view towards money is relatively simple and straightforward.

While we acknowledge that money is not the solution to everything, we are cognizant to the belief that money is a tool where we can:

I.) Care enough for our family needs;
II.) Reduce our dependency on others (e.g employment) for needs;
III.) Increase our impact to the society through our beliefs.

Clearly, the reader mentioned above has full commitment to point number 1 which is to care enough for her family needs. However, she clearly lacks the coordination to look at things from the job security point of view, thinking that commitment to her employer would be the ticket to her financial security for life.

While I am glad that she wrote in to me and started to look at things from her perspective more seriously than before, I have no doubt in mind that she will pull through this with her determined positive attitude. If she had started realizing this earlier, she could have probably fared slightly better than she is today but I guess it's not too late to start anything.

Sometimes, life throws us a curve ball that doesn't go the way we planned. All that matters is how we handle it and the person we become on the other side of the changes.

P.S: If anyone has a job opportunity in Customer Happiness role and are willing to refer, I'd be more than happy to link up and refer this lady for the role.

Thanks for reading.

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  3. uncle168,

    i expect 3 issues to be of concern in ge2020

    ceca or foreign talent issue

    we need talents not trash

    cpf and hdb issue

    the gov has to allow more cash to be withdrawn at 55 yrs old and allow nsf to buy 3 rm bto after ord to solve the low birthrate problem

    pofma oxley covid or the accountability and complacency problem

    this is the biggest problem we have nobody questions lhl's decision

    we need a back up plan in case pap fails

    i expect at least 25 seats to be won by the opposition with 20 seats going to the wp

    the pap would still be the ruling party but they would have to work harder to finally resolve these 3 problems we have for the past 50 years


  4. uncle168,

    with lhy contesting Tanjong Pagar GRC, i am revising my prediction that the opposition would win over 30-35 seats with wp and psp forming an opposition coalition

    the pap would lose its 2/3 majority after ge2020

    this would happen sooner or later as the world we face today is not what the pap of yesterday can handle

    god speed


    1. I'm calling it now, you're full of shit. Coming back here on 11 July.

  5. uncle168,

    the irony of pofma is the pap would not know how sour the ground is until after 10 of july

    echos of the emperor with no clothes

    but by then it would be too late

    god speed


  6. uncle168,

    knn really 20 seats leh:

    WP will contest 21 seats in total: Five seats each in Aljunied, Marine Parade and East Coast GRCs, four seats in the new Sengkang GRC, one in Hougang SMC and another in the new Punggol West SMC.

    I expect the WP to win all 21 seats

    god speed


  7. uncle168,

    wp dream team anchor mps:

    East Coast - Pritam Singh, Gerald Giam, Yee Jenn Jong

    pap will lose its crown jewel because it force the hawkers in bedok south to use the stupid pay per tray system, hence the secretary-general would leave aljunied to head the ec grc team, i expect wp to win 58.8% of votes.

    Aljunied - Sylvia Lim

    nobody in aljunied or the entire world believes the wp mp eat money, sylvia will man the mothership so the others can go out and fight and win more seats! i expect 55.5% of votes.

    Marine Parade - Leon Perera

    same thing in marine parade hawker the 50c return tray system, as mp grc is an older estate leon is the best bet as we have seen how he question the gov in parliment. i expect 56.8% of votes.


    Sengkang - Lee Li Lian

    Punggol West - Nicole Seah

    senkang and pw is linked as there are all young families forced by the gov to leave there as bto is cheaper so the abandoned elderly parents live in the more mature estate where hdb is more expensive which is a stupid pap policy

    li lian would now take a bigger bet to take the whole sengkang grc with the promise of a level playing field with ceca, taxing the rich and min wages for essential workers

    no more stupid workfare and foreign worker levy

    instead all workers would have cpf and min wages

    Hougang - Dennis Tan

    this one is F2 confirm win, the last one standing even in a nuclear meltdown

    so the pap stupid plan to make wp mp bankrupt by postponing the trial of ahtc would fail with 21 wp mps in parliment and around 15 mps from psp including tcb and lhy

    lky didn't tell ltk to take on a grc for nothing

    lky knew this day would come when the pap would lose its way

    god speed



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  9. uncle168,

    wow liao all of them hidding in aljunied grc how to win?

    i think after ge2020 only left hougang smc standing for wp :(


  10. uncle168,

    if psp tcb contest an smc he might win a seat, his aggressive stance for 24 seats more than the wp is crazy as a new party and would backfire as voters scared pap would lose power

    the correct strategy is to aim 1 smc by tcb and 1 grc first lead by lhy

    if lhy doesn't contest psp would not win a single seat :(

    tcb made the same mistake in the presidential election he is too confident, he should see who he is up against

    pap strategy of upgrading carrots is very effective so its very hard for him to win

    he must enter on the basis he would go in first and propose his policies then if he is effective in ge2025 he would win more seats easily

    now he haven't win a single seat he want to eat 24 seats crazy sia



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  12. uncle168,

    the pap is now likely to win all 93 seats on 10 July 2020 with the highest mandate ever in the history of singapore at 76.8%.

    we would also have the highest number of 12 ncmps.

    psp likely to win 2 ncmp seat by Tan Cheng Bock and Leong Mun Wai.

    sdp likely to win 2 ncmp seat by Prof Paul Tambyah and Chee Soon Juan.

    wp likely to win 8 ncmp seats by Pritam Singh, Sylvia Lim, Mr Faisal Manap, Mr Leon Perera, Mr Gerald Giam, Dennis Tan, Yee Jenn Jong and Jamus Jerome Lim Chee Wui.

    wp won aljunied grc because the leader ventured out but now the new wp leader don't dare to come out, it is unlikely they will win any new seats but instead lose all their existing seats

    without lsy contesting in psp, the odds of tcb winning any seats is zero unless he contest a smc

    ec grc is sure win by pap as the future pm is planted there at the last min, anyway the wp field rookies in ec grc, the voters are unlikely to swing to wp given the lack of seasoned wp mps contesting in the ward

    while it would be a sad day for democracy for singapore after ge2020, live goes on but lhy family would forever be exile from singapore as they fail to understand lky oxley house no longer belong to the lee family it belongs to the party

    its like joining a legal secret society, you no longer live for yourself, your life belongs to the party including everything you own

    to sustain singapore's economy, immigration would continue keeping property value high and unemployment low even if it means ceca is to continue

    pragmatic will keep the pap ruling singapore for a long long time...


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