Saturday, October 5, 2019

Maximizing Your Profit With AI Gain

In a world where digital finance plays an important part for the blockchain industry revolution, most look for faster and safer digital platform to manage and make full use of their digital assets.

AI Gain, which stands for "Artificial Intelligence" and "Gain" is a digital finance platform which is gaining plenty of attraction for its digital smart wallet. It allows investors to profit through arbitrage (earning the bid-ask spread by comparing exchange rates of various exchanges) with a minor handling fee of 2%.

AI Gain currently supports AIG Coin and other major cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Tether.

There will be more coins in future.

As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange providers, AI Gain also allows user to store their digital assets at their decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, protecting them from any hacking with advanced defence and technology.

Users will have to key in their OTP that are connected to their registered phone numbers with an expiration time of 1 minute.

To gain better protection, users too are required to key in their trade password, which is exclusively unique to users before the completion of transaction.

Apart from these features, AI Gain has 24/7 customer service representatives to assist customers for their inquiries and/or technical problems.

AI Gain is giving away a free welcome bonus of US$300 upon successful registration and a bonus of 50% from investment as promotions for AI Gain users.

Besides, users with successful invites and traders are bound to earn referral and other bonuses.

For more information, please visit the FAQ section of AI Gain website to get a better understanding on the mechanism of the referral and bonus programmes. 

Here are the key tutorials for your perusal:

Step 1: Registration Guide

• Register at
• Go to login page
• Click on “Create Wallet"
• Enter your phone number
• Enter your OTP
• Set up your profile (Enter your email, IC and referral phone number (optional))
• Set up your account password and trade password

Step 2: Deposit Guide

• Log in to your account
• Select cryptocurrency
• Click on "Deposit"
• Scan the QR code/copy and paste to get the address
• Wait for the transaction process
• Amount displays in AI Gain wallet

Step 3: Trading Guide

• Log in to your account
• Go to Fortune and click on "AI Gain"
• Select your available cryptocurrency to convert into USD
• Enter amount
• Enter cryptocurrency pair
• Enter your trade password and OTP for DUAL AUTHENTICATION
• Go to AI Gain Record to view your trading records
• Click on each record to check your hourly profit
• Each record will receive another 10%, to be deducted from your free capital

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  1. I think there needs to be more clarification on the details about how to acquire that US$300 for every new sign up cause it only works if you do an initial deposit into the trading wallet.

  2. This sounds promising. Anyone tried it?

  3. B, How is your experience thusfar?

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