Monday, August 26, 2019

Aug 19 - Portfolio & Networth Update

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Market Price (SGD)
Total Value (SGD) based on market price
Allocation %
HK Land
Far East Hospitality Trust
Ho Bee Land


I get the feeling that the second half of 2019 is full of events in the market and there's so many talking points that have not been totally apparent in the first half of the year.

Volatility in the market seems to be back as we continue to see the ups and downs with every tweets Trump is going to react in response to the China trade and the market seems to be correlating it very closely.

This was combined with the events happening in Hongkong with peaceful demonstrations turning into a riot scene which seemingly had no conclusive events on how this is going to end. Surprisingly, amidst all the news reported, there are currently no major fatality yet which means the protest is likely to be continued pending which side will back off first. This will probably drag on for quite a while and it will have major impact to the HK economy for many years to come.

With everything that is going, I took the chance to liquidate my position in Vicom which has been giving me decent returns for the past couple of years and is considered a safe haven in times where people are looking for a place to hide.

The first shot I took upon selling was to take up a position for HK Land at a price of $5.61 on the 6th Aug. You can view my full transactions here if you are interested.

I thought it represented some value at the price I bought but apparently the HK protests seemed to be prolonged so I'll wait for the next batch before I start to accumulate further.

The company has also went xd recently for a payout of 6 cents, so my current average position is at $5.55, which is not too far from where it is now, so no hurry to add on to the call.

The warchest is an expensive call option which is vital resources in times like this so I am likely to allocate to a position only if I see real deep opportunity. So far, there's not much that brings me to much interest yet.

After all, with all the events we've been seeing, the STI is still above 3k!!! You can't exhaust your resources when the index is still that high, especially the banks since I feel there's much room for downside should we get into events that might impact the economy. They're always the first ones vulnerable.

Networth has substantially gone down since Jun due to unforeseen events which I won't repeat again here. If you're interested to read about the story, you can read them here.

Without the impact, the portfolio would have hit the 7 digit figures by now which I have never dream of but it has to be reset at this point.

There's still an opportunity to close on the gap should we decide to sell our house which is currently rented out and move on to a cheaper alternative but that's just not happening at this point. We'll have to see how it plays out within this space.

With that, I am likely to start rebuilding my portfolio for the next few years with the aim to grow them and the market might just give all of us a chance to do that.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dear B
    I applaud you for your transparency. Much of the diverted amount was for business investment, hence it should be part of the asset figure. Am sure you will soar to higher heights soon. Meanwhile, look upward and heavenward for inspiration.
    Anon Andy

    1. Hi Andy

      You are too kind to say that.

      I'm sure there are still lapse which is evident on the learning points and is a big price to pay but that's life and we cannot rewind things.

      Hope things will get better from here, praying.

    2. Dear B
      Why not consider taking the plunge to run the family business full time instead, for a longer term solution? My own experience is that I have accumulated both property and equity wealth beyond my target expectations, frankly 3 times my early goals, and before reaching my planned early FIRE, but regret greatly that I never started my own business to leave as a legacy for the kid. Am still stuck as a salaried employee, after so many years of work.
      Maybe something to consider.
      Take care
      Anon Andy

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  2. thanks B for sharing..
    i went in too early for Mapletree North Asia too... bought at 1.36...

    thinking of buying Manulife Reit too...

    these reits have a yield of 6 -7%

    1. Hi Anon

      Seems like you are loading up for more Reits in this period of low interest rate environment ;)

  3. Despite the decline, you're still an inspiration to many out there. Hang in there!

  4. What is your advice on investing in SGX and HKEX in terms of the broker to use? I have been using RHB but I find the charges rather high.

  5. Hi 3Fs,

    If I want to buy Hongkong Land USD, do I need to fill in the W-88EN form?
    Will my brokerage automatically convert $SGD into $USD when I make a buy?

    1. Hi Kenneth

      No need, but you'd need to select the settlement in USD or SGD, otherwise default will be USD.

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