Monday, May 27, 2019

Mini-Retirement [Series 3]: My Last Week Of Current Employment

To keep track on the “Mini-Retirement” series which I started a few months ago, I’ll try to update as much as possible as I can on any resulting movement and direction from the impact taken on this action. 

For those who are new to this series, the background of the story started when I made a decision to take a mini-break from my current role around three months ago by deciding to hand in my resignation for my current role, walking away without the next job lined up in hand. 

Since my plan was to take a break to allow myself to recuperate and to think about where I should be heading next on my future direction, it was imperative that I shouldn’t have anything lined up before I think properly on what is best for me. 

The goal here is to retreat a step so I can take a longer leap in the future. 

There’s no point in just going aggressive forward on things year after year, which I pretty much have done so until I was burned out. 

Still, the decision wasn't easy to make and I had repeatedly reconsider other options.

Going back to the current role, I still had to serve the usual notice period when I handed in my resignation. 

The official notice was one month but the company decided that three months was optimal and I did not reject the proposal.

Three months notice period is probably the longest time I’ve ever served in a working environment in my lifetime, and that is done purposely to allow the company to find a suitable replacement as well as to allow ample time for myself to transition over from a period of employment to unemployment. I had it also timed so that it will coincide before the school holiday starts in June, so I can start spending some quality time with my children. 

After what seems like an eternity period of time waiting for this transition, this week is finally the week that will all come to an end. 

Personally, there is something inside me that can’t wait for this week to end quickly because I think I’ve given myself ample time to prepare mentally, which is a good thing. Also, I’ve planned for some traveling which coincides with the school holiday so there is something immediate to look forward to in June. We will take this opportunity to travel around the summer so we’ll most likely be out of town for the whole period of the month. 

The challenge will be in July, when all things had settled down and the school resumes and that is probably when I can properly take a deep breath and think through things.

The other frustrating thing that I foresee will happen will be on the lack of documentation to kickstart certain things given the lack of proof of employment or notice of assessment required.

I think Chris from Tree of Prosperity has some encounters of that in his recent post on his application with his FDW and I can totally understand his frustrations.

What is the use of showing proof of salary income when you can clearly show your bank statement or dividend income through CDP that is more powerful than the former.

Knowing this struggle, I quickly submitted for my FDW application to have this settled last week, since technically I am still "employed" under the eyes of the government.

In any case, being the last week at work, this is probably the week where I’ll be doing most handover to my seniors at work and also to wind down on some of the things that used to be under my care. 

The usual farewell lunch will probably also apply and already I had a couple of appointment for lunch this week. It'll be a good time to say goodbye to the cbd area and I wonder if we had a good chance to meet again some time in the future.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. All the best to the mini retirement and have fun during the school holidays!

    1. Hi Nicholas

      Thank you and a blast to the holidays!

  2. I hope I can be like you to take the bold move. Anyway, enjoy your holiday!

    1. Hi John

      I'm sure you can, someday, you'd feel the way I do.

  3. All the best B. Do keep posting!

    1. Thank you Sing Hwa and all de best too.

  4. sweet! congrats on the mini retirement plan! Enjoy the babies :)

    1. Thank you Dr. Hate... Wow I like your nick.

  5. Good move before health gets affected.

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