Saturday, April 6, 2019

REITs Symposium 2019 - Your Information Guide To Most Reits You Need To Know

REITs Symposium is back again this year after another round of sell-out in both 2017 and 2018.

I was there at the event back in 2017 and it was an eye opener as I managed to attend some of the information presentation and find out more information on some of the Reits that I owned by talking to their management and Investor Relations which had their booth set up.

This was good because most of the AGMs were held during weekday where most of us are unable to take leave to attend so if there's a good chance to meet some of these management, it is now or never.

There will be 75% participating Reits that will be at the event to answer any of the queries you might have. Even if not, you are at least able to get face time with some of the management that are dealing with your day to day stuff so it is good to be able to see some of the faces.

There will be some prominent speakers who you will see at the event such as Guest of honor, Loh Boon Chye (CEO of Singapore Exchange), Beh Siew Kim (CEO of Ascott Trust), Calvin Neo (Nikko Asset Management ETF Director) and many more. The full lists of the speakers are as follows:

How Much Is It To Attend?

Prices is set at $15 if you are not a ShareInvestor member and you can purchase it online.

If you buy them onsite, it will cost you more at $20 so try not to do that unless you are not aware of the event and happens to be around the area.

ShareInvestor has shared with me a referral link (3fs) that you can use and get an additional mystery gift if you purchased it via my referral link (3fs) than if you purchase it without. I tried to get them cheaper for my readers but it was not successful, so I guess every public gets the same treatment.

The sign up link is here if you are interested.

I might be there at the event so if you are going, drop me a message so I'd know who you are. I'd be happy to meet around if I happen to be in the premise (not sure if I'll be there for the whole day though).

Thanks for reading.

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