Sunday, March 31, 2019

That's It! I'm Going To Teach You How To Become Millionaire By Earning 50% Returns Annually Consistently Every Year

I've been keeping it inside my (war)-chest for a long time now.

And finally I've got to just let the cat all out of the bag today.

Retiring in Singapore demands a high level of both savings and income and this needs to be at least in the 8 digits figure. If you are short of that, you better get your way around working until retirement before thinking about the time you can do with retirement.

I mean just look at the Me & My Money Series sections over the past few weeks and you get the idea.

Folks are aiming high to become a multi-millionaire and they are stretching themselves by getting there earlier and faster.

Investing in equities has been one of the most riskiest, silliest and slowest decision an investor could ever make. I mean think about it this way. You put a large sum of capital in companies that you don't get to make decisions and then get returns that are mediocre. Sure, there are more savvy investors who has their money on multi-baggers like Tencent or Best World, but the capital they put on those multi-baggers are questionable. It's probably not as big exposure as they get with their overall returns.

Folks have been debating the past week over the SIA bonds which pay a mediocre return of 3.03%. I think folks like Financial Horse and D&S covered well in their research but as investors you should just give a read about it and then forget about putting your money in it. The return is simply too low for you to become the next millionaire on the door.

The Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) has an even lower return instrument, so we should not even get there to waste time talking about it.

Ever since I decide to take a break from my work, an article which I wrote here in detail, I've been thinking how to come up with the shortest option for investors to get to where you want to be.

And after a few weeks of racking my brain, I finally came up with materials that will promise you at least 50% annualized returns, consistently year after year.

What you get is what you see, high returns with low risk, and there's money back guarantee that will yield you zero loss should you start losing your capital overnight.

My sign-up course is $28,888 but I'm going to slash it for early bird registration to $8,888. This comes with my money back guarantee program.

I'd be teaching you ways to spot multi-baggers early and invest with confidence so you can take the largest cut to your advantage as an investor.

This is something that is unique and no one offers such program in the market currently at the moment.

Thinking of retiring early at your prime age with at least $20m in liquidity? Look no more elsewhere and start registering in the link below:

Forget about the financial blogger folks at BIGScribe who always advocate you to save, save and save.

FIRE-ing is your choice. Make it count.

And to everyone who reads it until here, hope you have a good April Fool's Day :)

For last year's April Fool's article, please find the link here if you have nothing to do during your working hours but still like to get paid.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. This is Big April Fool!

    Smaller April Fool days happen every other day.

  2. B,

    Don't laugh now, there are rich bei kambings who actually paid for workshops and seminars in excess of $30K or more...

    Just like those parents who assumed paying $6K tuition per month must be good, better, best to that fake MOE tuition teacher some years back...

    The more expensive the better! Can't go wrong one!


    1. Hi SMOL

      You're right, the more expensive the more parents can justified they are doing something "right". After all, $x is how much they've spent on nurturing their kids. Best

  3. Haha I tot u were gonna say save 50% of your salary.

    That's how most of the old folks in my former workplace got to become millionaires. Of course they had the benefit of iron rice bowl jobs & ok salaries.

    A few of the more risk-taking ones bought investment bungalows during recessions & accelerated their paths to multi-millionaire status.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      50% savings is definitely an icing on the cake, its the start of a good foundation, the rest is the maneuver room to grow.

  4. i was looking for the "sign up" link.

    1. Hi FC

      Hahaha thanks for your support.

    2. B,
      you should consider to start your own fund. like teh hooi ling.
      but make it more accessible for the masses.
      theirs is only for AI.

  5. The article published on 31 March BTW x)

    1. Hi Phoebe

      Oh yes, the site follows US timezone if I recall.

  6. Approach Temasek. They will be interested.

  7. Hi B,

    When I saw the blog-post title, I know you can't be serious. Well, at least, not likely to be you. I saw your past transactions. I think you're a pretty skillful market player and have a fairly good chance of surviving as a full-time investor now that you've resigned from your job. May I ask is this what you intend to do going forward?

    Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. They teach because teaching for them is more profitable than doing. I think you can, so you're more likely to be doing than teaching.

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