Friday, September 7, 2018

First Week of My New Work

I’ve finally completed the first week of my new work at a new environment so I thought I’d pen out my thoughts for my own future reference. 

My first immediate thought was that the office was far away from where I lived hence the commuting time has to be 1.5x longer than the previous job. By comparison, it also doesn’t help that the official working hour was half an hour earlier and ended half an hour later. Hence, I have to wake up earlier and get home later, even when leaving at the dot. This is what Vicki Robin in her book “Your Money or Your Life” called it as “True Hourly Wage” of your time that I did not anticipate it’ll be that critical. Urgh, I guess I have to adjust my body clock for this to make it natural over time.

The office premise was huge and the facilities were nice. I took advantage of the pantry by getting a drink from the vending machine every morning and evening – Latte, Honey Ginger Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea which helps to keep me awake and warm during this raining season. 

They also have a canteen and gym for the staff which I have yet to utilise so far, but will do sometime in the future. 

Since it’s only my first week, I mostly try to lunch out together with the colleagues to understand the team better, listen to gossips and also for better networking. 

The position that I am undertaking currently has been a baton relay, which I understand from my colleagues that my previous 2 predecessors left the role in 1 week and 3 days respectively. If I can come in to office by next Monday, it’ll mean I am the longest serving so far among the three of us. Speaking of irony of this being just my first week. 

I have not received a proper handover so far throughout my first week here since the team are still busy with the budget season. 

Most of the time, I tried to figure out myself the files and tried to connect the dots myself. Since this is a relatively new industry to me, I am also still learning about all the abbreviations and industry terms used in the office. 

I did my first overtime on my third day when I have to assist my colleague in collating some of the last minute information. I left office at about 8 and only reached home for my dinner at 9. Most of my other colleagues are staying till past 10 this week for most of the time. It reminds me of my big 4 days during the peak season. 

My boss is nice and he is a very easy going person in general, so it makes me settled down rather quickly in the new environment. He also often treated us to breakfast, coffee and old tea huts which he bought with his own money so I can see how the team appreciate that. 

I have been blessed to work with boss and colleagues over the past number of years which I am very much appreciate of. That means almost everything to me in a workplace where most of the works are more of the mundane corporate typical stuff.

The role or work I am/will be doing is very pure finance based. It is something which I am familiar and have done earlier in my career but not in my last role as an FC, which was far more business oriented. As the organization is also much bigger, my role will mostly be acquainted with churning of reports after reports and then my boss will represent the team to present it to the higher stakeholders. This is in contrast to my previous role where I had to do a lot of presentation to the stakeholders and take more ownership. There’s more depth with this one with a strong focus on one particular areas but lesser width. 

Mentally, I told my wife that I had somewhat mental burnout from working, which is not contributed because of the new organization but because of the continuous working in general for the past 12 years. 

I was not able to take a break in between the job change and it affects me quite a bit mentally and physically. I hope over time my body and mind would be able to adjust naturally to the clock and expectations but I reckon it’ll continue to be there until my next vacation or rest, which I hope will rejuvenate me back up.

One thing almost definitely for sure though, this will be the final leg of my corporate journey and I will be stepping down in a few years to probably try something different.

Meanwhile, it’s a good chance to be able to enjoy the weekend!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hang in there, B.

    Financial freedom is on the horizon for you. ;)

    If AK can do it, so can you! :D

    1. Hi AK

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      Both yourself and Sim have been a motivational inspiration for me to move on and forward :)

  2. Do they know you have this blog? You're not doing too bad because you still have the time and energy to blog! :)

    1. Hi Jalan Jalan

      Haha that's different cos writing the blog is fun so it doesn't seem like it's a chore. Sounds familiar? :D

  3. Hi B,

    Old tea hut means city area job! Survived on those for a couple of years haha. Sounds like your boss is quite nice. Jiayou for your last leg!

    1. Hi KK

      Haha yeah all office people will know old tea hut for sure, they are a parcel of our lives :)

  4. Good luck and stick in there. I like my job a lot but given the choice between a more relaxing life (living off dividends) and and work, I would choose the former every time.

    We'll both get there for sure. The time is now!


    1. Hi SDC

      I am like you as well.

      While the job is fine with me, it is the autonomy of 9-6 which I generally don't like and would one day like to go away with that.

      Well, let's keep on going for the future.

  5. All the best on your new role, B! Sorry I couldn't catch you on your last day.

  6. Hi B,

    How did you survive your big4 days? I’m in a big4 now and need some advice to deal with the stress and hours. (My usual work week is 70h)

    Thank you.

    1. Actually thats rather straightforward. Whether you survive depends on your motivation for finishing these 70 hours every week.

      Is the job a means to an end, a step up to an easier life in future (leave the big4 and join/start a firm with the experienced gained)?

      Or are you looking to climb the ladder and one day become partner?

      Or.. do you not have a motivation, and are just going with the flow?

      Success (if that's what you're looking for) requires sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to reach the finish line?