Friday, September 28, 2018

First Month of My New Work

This is a continuation of a follow up post which I blogged earlier in the month (See here). 

The end of working hours today means I managed to complete the first full month cycle at my new work environment.

My body clock has started to adjust to the earlier timing I had to wake up in this new role, which means literally I get to wake up earlier than everyone else in the family.

I set up my alarm clock alarmingly weird at 6.26am in the morning and put them far away from my bed, so I could drag my body to turn off the alarm, had a quick stretch for a light exercise for about 4 minutes then took a shower for the next 10 minutes. After that, I will head to the dining table for breakfast. By now, my two kids would have woken up as well (one for school and the younger one I guess has the same body clock adjustment as me?). 

I gave them both a light kiss cheek to greet a brand new day in the morning, which my younger son took the opportunity to "kacau" me by requesting to climb to the dining table to feed me breakfast (he loves doing that!). That’s the only opportunity quality time I get to spend with him during the weekday mostly because he was preparing for bed by the time I headed home at around 8 at night. 

The MRT was about 10 minutes away from my place. When walking to the station, I almost see the same group of people on the street, as if I was repeating the same day over and over again. The routines were getting a bit weird for me.

Days quickly started to blend in together, as Monday quickly rolled to Tuesday, then mid-week, then Thursday and then the happy Friday. 

Weekends were a look forward to, mainly because I get to plan proper activities with my family.

In terms of work, the real work is beginning to start to surface.

I am still grasping most of the concept for the work and it'll take time as days go by.

I am a quick learner by nature so I am not worried about falling behind but at times I do hope there are people I can turn to when I have questions. It just feels so difficult getting that connection at the moment.

I am still getting used to the structure in the organization. 

In this organization, I am a small potato in the much larger organization (compared in the past where I had much more authority in a smaller organization). 

There are both pros and cons and I had mixed reviews on this so will not elaborate further in this post. 

The nature of the work was nothing new and they are neither interesting or fascinating.

They are typical accounting work, and folks who are in this line know how much chore it can be at times.

If not because of the very little time I get to see my family during the weekday, I might contemplate just positioning myself there but I can see very little motivation to go by in the role. This is common among the team, and everyone has that same feeling throughout.

The good thing having completed the first month of work means I received my first salary of the month, which was satisfying at its own rights. It's also nice to see the pay higher than my last drawn pay so I can budget and allocate to savings and investment further.

So far, that's the only motivation and goal I have right now and I'll review them again throughout in running.

Thanks for reading.

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