Thursday, August 30, 2018

33rd Birthday Post - Officially 2 Years To Countdown

It's been a tradition for me to journal my birthday every year to see where I am coming up short at so I can plan on something to patch up if necessary.

This year is no different and the first thing when I woke up this morning, I was greeted by a lovely birthday kiss cheek from my wife and 2 kids and I quickly realized how much I've grown up to where I am today.

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I took leave from work today so I really enjoyed the morning when I wake up, strolled to the dining table, ate breakfast with my younger boy and just sniffing around what's the real morning aura smells like.

That's when I also took the time to ponder on where I am in terms of the financial independence journey to see what I can come up with on something that falls short.

It's officially 2 years to the countdown to the Grand 35 years old, a goal right from the start of this blog which I had set for myself some 8 years ago. If we count them by days, that's officially 730 days countdown to the wire. I am really excited to see the days getting closer as we prepared and are ready for this very eventful day to come ahead.


Since this is technically a finance blog, the first proper thing to have a quick check is on the finances part.

Last year was a huge milestone as I hit both the $500k and $600k mark as market goes rampant but that means it's going to be a difficult year to replicate such achievement.

At the very same day today of last year, my portfolio managed to end up at the front range of $600k and today a year later I am looking at the tail range of the $600k, which means not much improvement at all this year. Most of the increases are still due to capital injection as my returns are still struggling this year as the Singapore market goes really weak, hence nothing to contribute about.

Still, I am pretty confident that I'll hit $700k by next few months which means I can start to think about the next milestone ahead. The portfolio needs to churn out returns in order to have it boost up to $1m in 2 years time, which is my long term target.

Based on a quick envelope method, that would mean I need $40k/year of capital injection and 15% of returns each year until 2020.

The capital injection would be a lot easier to achieve (assuming I still have a job until then) since there would be dividends and also savings from the job I'm working at.

The returns are another story though and I'll have to think of something to get those kind of returns. The Singapore market has been in rather poor territory so far and it doesn't make things easier.

Birthday Celebration

Now that the technical part is over, here comes the more fun parts.

We had an appointment schedule in the morning to the embassy to renew my older son's passport after which we ended up at Japan Town's at Wisma Atria (courtesy of Starhill Global Reit) to have a simple lunch ramen, which tastes incredibly delicious to my surprise.

Then, we went over to the takashimaya to grab a small cake which we celebrated at home.

It was simple yet blissful feeling to have my family celebrating it with me.

Ohana Familia

The birthday event is probably a good excuse to do more of things like that, and in time to come will hopefully make this a permanent event every single day.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Happy Birthday Brian! Can't wait for your 35th birthday post!

    1. Thank you WGM!

      I’m so excited to be counting it down as well :) it’s been long years of hard work and discipline.

  2. Hi B,

    Happy birthday! We share the same birthday month haha. Thanks for contributing to Starhill Global earnings as well :P Wishing you good health and great returns!


    1. Hi KK

      Happy belated bday to you too then :)

      Warren Buffett also happens to have the same bday yesterday so I hope we have his good genes :)

  3. Happy Birthday B! Great to see a happy family. Wishing you good health and happiness :)

    1. Hi Cupcake

      Thank you and many thanks for your well wishes :)

  4. Happy Birthday B!

    Looking forward to your 730 days count down! Hehe. I’m sure you will be able to hit your goals!

    1. Hi Sleepydevil

      Thank you :)

      I’m sunsetting while you are sunrising. You are the star of tomorrow!

  5. Happy Birthday B! Beautiful family you have there. Looking forward to your 35th birthday post in 350 days time!

    1. Hi Jalan Jalan

      Thank you and many thanks for your well wishes. I look forward to it as much as well :)

  6. Happy birthday! Really impressed by your dedication towards your goals and your love for your family! I'm sure you will achieve your target very soon - how exciting for you!(:

  7. happy birthday brian and wish you in reaching new heights every year

    1. Thank you Edmund and let's reach new heights together!

  8. Happy Birthday Brian! Family is the only real wealth and it seems like you have already achieved that. Haha but still looking forward to your financial independence in 2 years time!

    1. Hi TBWP

      Thank you and at the moment, how I wish I can spend more time with them. Sadly, work time is taking away too much time from me and I can't wait till 2 years later.

  9. Well done sir. I like your investment style and attitude to life. I hope the next year bring you as much satisfaction as the last. Keep blogging!

    1. Thank you SDC!

      Keep up the high spirit of life too! :)

  10. Hi B,

    Happy Birthday to U. I am of view that you have achieved FI now. You have the option of RE if you want to do so. Of course, I know that your intention of FI in two years is also based on your perspective. The most important thing is to be happy in what you are planning and doing.

    All the best in your journey.


    1. Hi Ben

      Many thanks for your kind words.

      I guess from the maths we kinda still need some work to do but hopefully we'll work that out to be shorter some day.

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  12. Hi B,

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the birthday kisses from your children while it last. hee

    1. Hi MIM

      Exactly! I need to spend those moments with them :D

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