Saturday, December 30, 2017

Things I Look Forward To In 2018

With just over a day before the new year, I think it's about time to sit back and self reflect about what are some of the things that I expect in the new year 2018.

I wanted to originally do a target to achieve in the new year but quickly changed it afterwards because not everything is a target. Some are events that will just happen with the flow of time.

1.) Achieve a portfolio target of 10% returns

Since this is a finance blog, I think it is still something which I must put in mind at the back of my envelope.

I'm still looking to design for a portfolio that can achieve a long term portfolio of about 10% returns. I don't want to really stretch the returns to anything higher by taking unnecessary risks so the strategy is to go for lower beta returns but heavier on capital preservation.

I'm somewhat gingerly confident the current companies in my portfolio can deliver that for me.

2.) Achieve a savings rate of 20%

This has been kept the same for about 3 years in a row now and I'm not keen to change on this aspect and gungho the increase.

I am comfortable with keeping the savings rate at about 20% or $20k capital injection, whichever is higher, and then just allocate the rest of the expenses into building more experiences and nurturing the kids empowerment.

3.) Celebrating 4 years of parenthood

My elder son, Big O, turns 4 next year while the younger one, Small O, turns 1.

It has been a life full of experience all these years with the ups and downs and I would attribute it to another separate posts sometime later.

We have started to send Big O for some kind of enrichment which we think would benefit him in terms of his social skills.

We are also starting to send our younger son to a kindermusik class from next year just to get him exposed to different kinds of music instruments, play and stimulate his right brain before the routine school activity tries to take over the left brain.

4.) Experience the world outside

We belong to the miles camp when it comes to credit card and we typically accumulate around 200,000 miles in a year which also means we are able to cover our long trip travel as a family assuming we take 2 trips a year.

On the shorter trip, we typically try to save on the costs by taking budget airlines.

Already, we will be going for a half month trip in March later across Taiwan and we have plans later in the year to slow travel past Vietnam. When the kids get older, we'll spend our time exploring the Eastern and Western Europe in a much further away trip from home.

5.) Less movies, Less Writing, More Reading

I'm a person that is more visual which is why I have been enjoying movies more than reading.

Throughout the years, I have also attributed plenty of time in writing the blog so I may take some time off these activities to spend more in reading. I also think that slow reading stimulates my mind better and train my patience, which has not been a good strength so far.

6.) Learn a new language, meditate, and Yoga

I've always wanted to learn Spanish and it will be a matter of when not if I will pick this language up one day. I just don't know it yet if I will take it up in 2018, I'll have to figure out the time resources.

I'm also aiming to either pick up meditation or Yoga just to practice on patience and calming the mind. If anyone is interested, I'm good for partnership.

Final Thoughts

This is all events of what I am waiting for it to unfold in the new year and it is nothing ambitious yet really achievable things to look forward to.

I don't know if I'm at a stage where I tend to oversee things much easier or in a more leisurely manner because everything tends to fall in place quite nicely and I appreciate the things that have gone well so far for me and I don't take them for granted.

I hope every readers would have the same good year in 2018.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. point number 3 is definitely the most meaningful and priceless!

    Happy 2018 in advance!


    1. Hi MIM

      Definitely priceless and will forever be.

      Have a great new year too ahead :D

  2. B,


    Now that's not what I call "popular" in Singapore...


    You fan of Real Madrid?

    Or more for the Spanish women? Opps! I meant Spanish "culture"? Wink.

    Have a super 2018!

    1. Hi SMOL

      Haha I've always wanted to take Spanish and learn them since high school.

      It's also one of the few languages which is useful in many countries.

      I've checked and ticked off Madrid and Santiago Bernabeau but don't mind visiting it again.

      Adios 2017! and Have a great new year :)

  3. Happy 2018! Spanish is pretty unique choice though.

    1. Hi KPO

      Haha thanks, we'll have to see if I manage to pick them up in 2018 :)

      Happy 2018!

  4. How come you name your sons big O and small O? lol

  5. Happy New Year B :)

    Just like you I'd love to continue my learning in Japanese. However, I feel that my time in 2018 is a little strapped having the different activity. Nonetheless, I will try to slot in the time to do so haha!

    Spanish and french is next in the list after I've finished my first one :)

    Do remember to enjoy yourself and not forget about this platform here you own! ;p

    Looking forward to your updates in 2018 :)

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  7. Happy New Year to you and your family B! I like your well-rounded approach in what to expect and aspire for in 2018 - got to feed the body, mind and soul ;)

    There are people who learn a language by watching TV with the help of subtitles to translate. I learn some choice Spanish words watching 3 seasons of Narcos, however am certain those are not words that I will be using! At least I'll know when I am being cursed in Spanish ;)

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