Monday, October 2, 2017

Nature of Bodyclock

I haven't been writing for quite a while so I thought I'll write an impromptu on something that suddenly came up to my mind. 

Have you ever experienced a moment when you feel so passionate about something that you forgot the time? Or have you ever experienced a time when you feel so despair and tiring that you don't feel like doing anything? 

I wanted to relate this feeling of mine that I have recently. 

Perhaps it is the traveling post-school holiday at Penang that makes me indignantly lazy.  Maybe the other mind is saying the catching up of work and the continuous never ending backlog that I've been working on that doesn't give me a clear indication of light at the end of the tunnel. To add to that,  I've also just been assigned to our office in Thailand which adds to that backlog even further. Maybe it's just new challenge I am seeking. Heck,  I haven't been able to check much on market status for most of the time these days. 

It can cut a frustrating figure not to find that one important light in our life. Morning starts with sunrise and evening ends with sunset and another day is passed.

A lot of people relate to this as a relax and wait frame of mind and this can be toxic and detrimental to human self being without being consciously aware. What we actually want is a relax,  engage,  envision,  and expect mindset. It doesn't have necessarily have to be work but anything important in your life such as health,  family,  art,  volunteering,  etc. 

The hunger for things grows and dies in me at different timezone at certain time.  At times,  I can be so engaged in writing that I spend many hours at it while at times I just want to spend my lazy hours couching by the sofabed in my living room. This is what they called the eat when you are hungry,  rest when you are tired and sleep when you are sleepy. 

Still finding the tune to how body nature works... 

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi SR

      Not posted there, but will have to go there pretty often for knowledge handover training.

  2. B,


    It meant you must climb the corporate ladder higher so you can pass your backlog and assign work tasks to your underlings.

    Of course you "spin" it as "aiding" their future developments ;)

    Go back to work!

    We all have to pay our dues...

    Trust me. The sweet spot will come when you reach the level where the less you do, the more you talk, the more you'll earn!

    But that's working for others.

    If you still feel something is missing... That means its time you struck out on your own ;)

    1. Hi SMOL

      The sweet spot is when we think about medical being covered, leaves getting paid, and bonus being dished out at the end of the cycle. Hahaha, all else typical corporate routine style, clean up mess, do up tasks.

      Maybe in a couple more years to struck on my own, always not ready, mentally and financially hahaha

  3. Hi B,

    Close your eyes. Breathe. Enjoy the fullness of being.


    1. Hi UN

      Thanks much better now in Oct month. Time to look forward to year end :D

  4. Don't worry B, you're not alone. Work is important. Family is important. Rest is equally important :)

    1. Hi Sleepydevil

      Yes, part and parcel of life. Thanks for reminding.

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