Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My Wisdom Tooth Surgery Experience

I know this is a bit random but anyway I just want to share about my experience for my wisdom tooth extraction which may benefit those who wanted to do it.

In the past month or so, I have been having gum infection in my right mouth and it is affecting my work,  sleep and mood and I get frequent headache every now and then.  It was a horrible experience that I am simply too lazy to do anything,  even writing this blog.

Anyway,  so I went to my regular doctor visit at Orchard Scotts Dental attended by a friend of mine,  Dr.  Kelvin Chua and so long story cut short,  he advises me to extract out two of my wisdom tooth that impacted the right side of my mouth.

There are no impact yet to the two wisdom tooth on the left side so he gave me an option whether to keep for now o to take it out anyway.

Being humji (not a big fan of visiting dentist since young),  I decided to proceed with just the extraction of the two wisdom tooth on my right mouth that causes pain.

I've been hearing stories about how painful it is to extract out wisdom tooth so my expectations were elevated and I prepared a lot mentally for such pain. Sad.

So the day has finally come,  that day is today and I went a bit early just to allow room for myself to take a deep breathe (I've been doing the same since young whenever I had to attend a major exam).

Dr. Aidan Yeo is the surgeon dentistry who will be doing the extraction. Just google his name and you'd soon find out he is the best in Singapore,  absolutely top notch according to a few friends.


He started by explaining a few administrative things before asking me to lie down. After cleansing the area, he injected a few doses of anaesthetic to the gum area. I'm not too afraid of the needles so I would rate the pain 1/10.

We waited for about 2 minutes for the effect to spread through the gums area before starting his procedure.

So he started with the top tooth first. I felt a bit nudge and that was it,  all it takes is about 7 seconds for the tooth to come off before I was even aware.  Level of pain 0/10.

The bottom tooth was a little more complex because more than half the tooth was rooted to the gum so he had to cut the gum area before extracting out. It definitely feel a little difficult because he was nudging it out a few times but not really successful. So he proceeded to cut the teeth a bit more,  nudge a bit more before it was done. This one took a bit longer but still relatively fast to the normal surgery.  All he took was a mere 4 minutes to do it. I experienced just a very minor pain when he was trying to nudge it harder the first time round but thankfully no big deal after that. Level of pain 2/10.

He then proceeded to sew the gum area and the nurse helped to clean up the wound with the gauge and thereafter they allowed me to lie down over the next 10 minutes to rest.

Tadaaa...  Here comes the grotesque part.

Goodbye Wisdom Tooth!!! 

I was given a 5 days medical leave and quite a bit of medications for antibiotics and painkiller if I needed to.


Since this is a finance blog after all,  this is probably the part where it would interests most.

The bill came up to a total of $1,737.15, out of which $1,028.65 was claimable via medisave.

So I had to top up the difference in cash amounting to $708.50.

If we look at the breakdown,  the top tooth was considered a normal extraction so it was cheap at $300. The bottom part was more difficult so it was charged a surgery price at $1,250. The rest was medication costs at $78.65.

I'm still biting on the gauge to stop the bleeding as I write this so I'll see if I can update anything again over next few days once swelling has subsided.

Hide my humsum face,  😂 

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi B,

    This is an awesome post. Much Singaporean words.. Hamsup.. Humji. HAHAHAH. Hope you’re feeling better now 😂

    Now I’d have something to refer to when I need to get my wisdom tooth extracted :p

    1. Oops I thought I mentioned humsum = handsome, not humsup hahaha. Anyway, good that its finally over so can focus on something else next.

    2. haha.. when i first read it , it looks like "hum sup" also.. till i saw your reply and scroll back up, and yea ok, " hum sum"..

      btw, dont your coy offer some kind of dental benefits?

    3. Haha FC oops so you are not the first one who read it like that, hahaha.

      Nope my company gave the employees a cash allowances meant for these benefits every year. Whatever we want to do with the cash its up to us. I usually put it right back into my investment warchest.

    4. HAHA. Opps.. I’m really sorry for that. And nice... Using company benefit to fund your warchest.

  2. your company dental insurance doesn't cover wisdom tooth extraction?

    1. Hi Jalan Jalan

      My company gave us $750 in cash allowances. But I'd usually use it to buy stocks instead. Lol

  3. I'm planning for my extraction too. Too bad that they didn't give me any problem during NS or it could have been free.....

    Right now I'm thinking if i should pay for the procedure by cash or medisave. If i pay by medisave, there's an admin charge of about $45 and the amount spent will not be getting the 4% interest. Seems like cash is the way to go if you can afford to...

  4. Being based in Taiwan, Wisdom tooth extraction is kind of free other than the registration fee like S$10 each time i go visit the clinic. However annual national health insurance can cost employee more than the amount you paid in cash for your tooth extraction. Company has to further top up 3 to 4 times that amount to national insurance annually. Singapore health care is more cost efficient in this perspective.

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  6. Hi, Pegasus, can share the Thai clinic contact for us?


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  8. Hi B , will pain or not for wisdom teeth surgery? I'm planning to remove wisdom teeth as well , is surgery type. Which specialist would you recommend so far ?

    1. Hi Sweety

      I used Dr Aidan Yeo which is a very famous surgeon for wisdom tooth in SG. It is rather costly but like you I'm afraid of the pain so I'd pay premium on this one. The pain level is really low and you would recover very fast.

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  13. I got mine wisdom teeth removed last month. I’m so sick of this pain, I just wanna eat real foods.

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