Monday, October 9, 2017

How Do You Define Your Time?

As financial bloggers, we've always been saying that time is an important resource that is scarce in our lifetime. 

Time is a fixed currency and is probably the only thing that is constant. All of us had 24 hours a day to allocate our time with and it is up to us how we define them.

Time in the context of this article is focus and energy, which everyone has a limited supply of.

Now, I see my time in the context of three general categories:

Professional - Active Work and Career Related Matters.

Social - Activities that involves gathering around with people, families or friends that are important in my life.

Leisure - Activities that are hobbies to me like traveling, blogging, watching movies, etc

Of course, there are endless possibilities that we have not included in our time such as exercising and resting but that's why all the more we have lesser resource to allocate with.

I see professional as doing things for the better of others for something that you get in return for. For example, as a salaried worker, you exchange your time by staying at your cubicle for 8 hours serving your clients and stakeholders in exchange for the salary you get at the end of every month. Similarly, you can be a swimming instructor who gives your students a class every morning on the weekends. The nature of such means that you have a responsibility of giving by taking something. 

On the other hand, leisure can be related to hobbies that you are interested in exploring for the happier inner of your own self or others. For example, I classify blogging under this category simply because I am doing it for leisure. When I have the time and ideas to start writing, I write. I do not write because I have deadlines to meet or expenses to worry at home. If I were to take blogging as a serious full time job in the future, I may struggle with doing so and ended up liking it a lot lesser.

I guess the purpose of this post is to enable us to understand the primary force of allocating our time resourcefully. 

There are people who unfortunately struggle to keep up with the daily expenses by having to allocate more time professionally than leisurely and I salute them for doing so. They do what they did because circumstances doesn't allow them to choose otherwise. In this case, they are clear on what they were doing.

For the rest, how do you define your time by allocating optimally?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi B,

    How about merging the 3 at the center.

    Let Work become a leisure, and social environment. So that there is a bit more of everything. I think work need not be a purity.

    I guess family is under "social". Personally, I need a 4th quad. Personal time. Not that I dun like being with families and friends, but I do like time being with myself.

    1. Hi SI

      Yes I love my personal time as well, gives so much run down for thoughts and self reflection that I needed very much.

      A bit of everything does indeed makes one life more fulfiling and complete.

  2. Hi B,

    Hope your tooth is feeling better!

    You seem to exclude one important quadrant out - Rest. It’s true that it is important to have a fair share of every quadrants. Financial managment is important, so do time and self management too.

    I’m fortunate today, that I get to be in the “leisure + professional” quadrant... However, I do miss my social quadrant too on the time that I could spend weekly with my family. Sigh.

    1. Hi Sleepydevil

      I am extracting it this coming Tuesday huhu :(

      I dont think we need rest at all.. Haha just kidding. You are right, rest is very undervalued proposition that no one gives much token of consideration but they form the base for us to reset our body to stary doing the greater things in life.

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