Monday, October 30, 2017

Getting Your Investing Education Through Re-ThinkWealth

Chris is the author and founder for his education learning platform Re-ThinkWealth and I've known him personally now for a number of years.

So when he recently launched his new premium content (Link Here) and approached me with helping it to spread it around,  I agreed to help him.

He strikes as someone to me who is passionate about investing and hungry to give back to the society by helping others to learn and get better. He conducted a few seminars on his own at a few junctions and was very successful and charismatic at doing that. All who attended have nothing but rave reviews about him.

His style of investing is steered towards the aspect of fundamental value investing,  which was mainstreamed by our century of the popular Warren Buffett himself. Personally,  I am not a big fan of Warren style of investing myself so I cannot judge how successful that would have been for you. I always believe that the tools helps to frame your thoughts and belief but it needs to be suitable with your own temperament.

Chris' main area of focus is on the US companies as he tends to find more organizations that fit his description of moat and value.

Another area of interests which is much under-appreciated these days is the selling of the put option while waiting you get some premiums out of it. I call it a skill of getting paid while waiting for value to be unlocked.

Chris covers all these aspects through his entire programme which includes a newsletter monthly, personal coaching and a question and answer through the frequent sessions he's held.

I don't want to sell the idea that if you attended his premium content you'd get as good as him in terms of returns. But at the very least, with that amount of fees you are paying each month, I think it's a decent start to try and see if value investing is what you sought after all.

Thanks for reading.

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