Monday, August 14, 2017

Dividend Income Updates - Q3 FY2017

With most of my companies already reporting earnings for this round of quarterly earnings, it is once again time to update my favorite part of the dividend income.

If you recall in the past two quarterly updates (here and here), I am on a good decent track to hit a record high dividend received for the year, so it'll remain to be seen with one more quarter how things can go from here.

These days, with market doing rather well this year, it becomes a lot harder to stay invested in dividend companies when valuation gets higher and it becomes a question on whether you should sell off the golden goose for the meat.

I think there should be a good strategy allocation down there.

With that a due, here is the dividend income received in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

CountersAmounts ($)Payable Date
FLT2,944.00 29-Sep-17
Comfortdelgro2,392.00 29-Aug-17
M12,340.00 8-Aug-17
CDLHT984.00 29-Aug-17
FCOT (Scrip)966.00 29-Aug-17
First Reit174.00 28-Aug-17
OCBC6.00 18-Aug-17

It's a pretty solid dividend income received in the 3rd quarter. This usually tends to be my strongest quarter as most companies are reporting their interim so it's a good way to build up cashflow during this period.

That makes up $24,948 received so far year to date up till the 3rd quarter. This is profits that are returned back to the shareholders in terms of income received.

With another quarter still left to go, I'm keeping my hopes on a few more thousand to come in terms of dividend.

This should really be the base moving forward and I am keeping most of the companies intact for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Just 3 quarters and your passive income can cover 2-3x my annual expenses! LOL :) I'd love to have that much in dividend income! I think you're way ahead of the schedule to reach the goal of $80K/year. Are you going to up the numbers now that you'll have a family of 4 instead of just you and your wife?

    1. Hi Vivianne

      Thanks for visiting.

      I'm not confident that I am right on schedule there but I hope at least its moving in the right direction year on year. I think you're doing a lot better there with the rental yield and dividend diversification.

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