Sunday, July 30, 2017

Taking A Walk At Festival Walk (Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust)

I had a free and easy day today after finishing errands the past few days. I messaged a long time friend who's in HK and he asked me where I'd like to meet up. I'm bored about going to Causeway Bay and Tsim Tsa Tsui since I've been there a zillion times so I asked him to meet me at Festival Walk, since I used to own the MGCCT Reits and I'm curious about how much people are raving about the mall.

Festival Walk nearest MTR is Kowloon Tong on the blue line (east rail) and green line (kwun tong). From there, you walk past exit C and the mall is interconnected to it, thats a great advantage for crowd pulling.

Kowloon Tong station

Still had that old fashioned train without gate

Exit C
The mall is huge and it spans across over 200k sqft if I recall. The mall is rather crowded considering weekends but most of the crowd are in particular segment of the mall.

The mall was well segregated. That means it has all the beauty shops one corner then the fashion shops in another floor. This way, it makes the shopping experience more friendly to consumers who wanted to roam around particular segmental shops.

Entrance from the MTR

Fashion shops

I.T, very popular brand in HK

The asset managers of MGCCT are good at creating unique users experience. They often held events in different parts of the season to draw the attention of the consumers to the mall. When I was there this afternoon, they were having the Cars gallery. This not only include exhibitions but also toys and accessories to sell, as well as pop up stores and cars driving competition that kids can participate.

C.A.R.S exhibition

Dinoco 51

Jackson 20

Clothes and Apparels


The retail here is pretty empty with lesser crowds. This is in stark contrast to the mall I went the other day at IFC and Sogo where the fashion retailers (more luxury) are more crowded. My guess is the Festival Walk mall is more catered to children and middle class population, so naturally the shops like Mannings and cafes are more popular.

Muji shop with cafe

Thinking of buying children books for my kids

Baby Aape

Cool Mosquito repellant worn on hand (can be refilled)

公仔 shop

Most of the crowds are surrounding the supermarkets, foodcourts and cinemas side as this is an obvious attention attraction for most families.

If you read my article in the past on some of fct malls, I mentioned that supermarkets and cinemas have close to zero margins on the malls but they are an excellent visitors attraction and enhance the experience of visitors.

Grand Cinema: Costs HKD 105 for a normal ticket a d HKD 210 for a VIP ticket with free drink and popcorn

Food Court

Ice Skating Rink: Another main attraction of the mall

Overall, I thought the mall was decent though Im surprised they didnt load up more cafes since it was quite hard to find somewhere to settle down when we shoppers need to after a long walk.

Till ya' next time.

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