Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Building Sustainable Dividends Through Learning With REITS Masterclass

Most of you readers know that I love Reits investing because it fits my profile of having a sustainable stream of dividend income that pays every quarterly or semi-annually. This is align with my aspirations of being able to use the rest of my time to do what I wanted to really do.

As a matter of fact, if you look at my current portfolio right now, more than 50% are in Reits and my top 2 positions are in CDL Hospitality and Fraser Logistics Trust.

It is pretty obvious that I have a biasness towards liking Reits as an asset class.

Many people has a misconception that Reits are only meant for someone who wanted to build a stream of passive income and that if you want capital gain you should look elsewhere for a growth stock.

That is not true.

Most of the Reits that we are seeing today have both component of capital gain and dividends because the management have been tasked to grow the Asset Under Management (AUM) and Dividends Per Unit (DPU). As investors, we are able to enjoy the growth component and reap a higher dividends when it comes.

I have previously wrote an article articulating my strategy on how to select Reits which is nothing but just trying to organize my thoughts in a proper manner. I received a few questions from readers on some of the technical terms used and what are the kind of details should they look up for and honestly for me, it is difficult for me to answer because I might not know where their level of competency are in this aspect.

Equip Your Knowledge With REITS Masterclass

The course has a total of 10 modules with 33 sub-content inside for a total of over 5 hours.

They are made into a video content hence you are able to back-track and fast-forward as and when you'd like to.

Who Should Sign Up For The Course

The course is suitable for someone who like to:

1.) Understand how to build a sustainable stream of dividend income
2.) Equip your knowledge with the terminology of Reits
3.) Enhance your understanding of what details to look out for in a good Reits
4.) Avoid buying into a poorly managed Reits investment

Here Is Where You Could Sign Up

They are currently offering a value deal of $30 if you sign up using the below link for a limited time period.

If you think this is something that might interest you, you can sign up by clicking the link below.

--------- CLICK HERE  ---------

Alternatively, you can type the code "FOR_FIN_FREEDOM" under the referral code.

I've personally gone through the course myself and for a thorough lesson like that, I think it offers a great value at this price that you can hardly find elsewhere. The closest alternative you can find is a book on Reits by Bobby Jayaraman.

Do note that this post contains an affiliate links and I do get a commission when you sign up for the course. However, it will not cost you anything extra otherwise.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for the link.
    Would like to enquire if the course is targeting REITS listed in SGX?

    Thank youD

    1. Hi David

      Yes, they are specifically targeted at the Reits listed in the sgx.

  2. I just removed your referral code and paid $15 only :)
    - oroo

    1. Thanks for informing.

      I have informed the organizer on the same.

  3. Thanks, Brian:-)

  4. anyone who has completed the course, care to comment on it?

  5. Hi Brian, I'm afraid I can't open the link to register. Any other way around this? Thanks!