Friday, March 3, 2017

Dividend Income Updates - Q1 FY2017

All my companies have finished reporting their earnings which means I can already tabulate my dividend income figure for the quarter.

Dividend income has been one of my main objective I wanted to achieve for this year because in the past the strategy I took was rather different than what I had done in recent times. I had my reasons for doing so and know what I'm doing so it's not a moment of folly where I blindly invest in yields and ignore every fundamentals out there.

As I shared in my recent post on my personal cashflow here, dividend income played a bigger role than ever in improving my cashflow as expenses are now tighter with household expense rising. 

If my calculation is correct, I might still be able to save a decent amount of savings by the end of this year despite the higher expenses ratio. All this thanks to dividends which I can use to reinvest.

Q1 2017 Dividend Income

Q1 was a great quarter as many of my companies paid out dividends, in particular the Reits I am vested. I am also grateful that none of the companies have cut their dividends so that is a plus point.

The dividend amount received in Q1 was $7,479, which is a 145% increase from the previous year I received.

CountersAmount (S$)Payable Date
Singtel204.00 11-Jan
Micro-Mechanic450.00 27-Feb
FCL620.00 16-Feb
First Reit170.00 28-Feb
Sabana Reit264.00 28-Feb
CDL Hospitality Trusts2,775.00 28-Feb
LMIRT696.00 15-Mar
Ireit Global2,300.00 22-Mar
Total 7,479.00

The recurring theme in recent years have been whether i am worried on the upcoming rate hike. My answer would be no if you know what you are doing and are invested in the right reits, who are able to use the inflation increase to their advantage by positioning to a higher rental reversion.

I'll track it down again in the next quarter and hope it's doing just as well.

What about you? How has your dividend income fares for the first quarter of the year?


  1. Hi B, how do you differentiate reit that able to use inflation to their advantage ?

    1. Hi Cory

      Good question!!!

      I think we may need to look at the management ability to raise price in historical times and I think the particular demand for the industry they are operating in are also very important.

  2. Hi B,

    Dividend income looking good! Grats! :D

    1. Hi UN

      Thanks, hope it can maintain haha

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  4. Hi B, nice dividend. I see you are heavy weighted on IReit and CDL hospitality trust.

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