Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hospital Delivery Charges

First of all, I apologize for the lack of posting in recent weeks as I was busy attending to my wife's baby delivery at the hospital for the past few days.

I am going to document this post for my future reference and for anyone who wishes to know about the charges involved. This is not meant to be used for comparison or competition purposes so I have to make that as disclaimer stand.

For the second time in three years, we chose the same hospital that my wife gave birth to for my first son - Thomson Medical. They are a private hospital which specializes in delivery and they are chosen because they are within vicinity to where I live, so it is very convenient. 

For those who delivered subsequent babies at Thomson also receives a VIP member card where you can get discount of $100 each for the hospital and doctor fees.

My wife undergoes caesarian for the method of her delivery so the doctor advises her to stay for 3 nights in the hospital. We chose the Premier Single Ward (as compared to the 1 bedded single in the past) as this one comes with free companion stay and meals included. Each night costs at around $650 just purely for the accommodation alone.

Hello World!!! I am here to break free...

I'll break the fees into several charges which was incurred:

1.) Hospital Charges

The two main charges coming out of the hospital charges are the room surgery operating theatre and the accommodation, which we chose the premier single ward.

The operating theater costs $2,011 while the 3 nights stay accommodation costs $1,914 ($650 per night).

The other charges are the medications, painkillers and other treatment which costs in the hundreds.

The total fee for this section is $5,135, after deducting the discount from the membership and after GST.

2.) Doctor Fees

For this round of the delivery, my wife chose a popular star doctor which doesn't come cheap. Her name is Dr. Jocelyn Wong and for those interested, you can start to google them.

I've been accompanying my wife for her monthly visit prior to the delivery and I must say she's rather good and meticulous about things and conditions. Very detailed, patient and popular doctor amongst her circle of patient.

The doctor fees came up to about $5k. This includes her daily roundabout walk after the delivery which she charges around $250 for each consultation. She definitely makes good money from that.

The other doctor fees from Dr. Serene Leo is on the anaesthetic procedure during the surgery.

3.) Baby Fees

Last but not least, there is also the baby charges which includes his daily accommodation, treatment, milk intake and light therapy.

It also includes the pediatrician (Dr. Janice Wong) visits to the room to check out the baby conditions.

This section comes up to about $2k.

The Total Fees came up to about $13k this time round, out of which $5.5k is claimable via medisave and I had to fork out the rest of the $7.5k as cash.

Other Miscellaneous

I am just also going to include the pre-delivery charges where we visited the doctor each month leading to the due day.

I cannot exactly remember the amount but I recall it was around the range of $250 per visit each time including consultation, medication and 4d photo X-ray scan. I am just going to multiply this by 10x visits so it totaled up to about $2.5k in total.

There are also plenty of follow-up post delivery with the pediatrician and the immunization which leads up to when the baby is 2 years old. If i recall on my experience on the first one I had, it also came up to a range of $2.5k in total.

There are definitely many variables to play out here if you wish to get a cheaper doctor, public hospital, sharing ward and many more so i am not going to go through all of those.

My fellow blogger has also recently had his baby born on the same day as mine so if you are interested, you may read the post on his experience.


  1. Congrats on your new born! I was also with TMC and single premium last year

    1. Hi PW

      Thanks for your well wishes.

      Ah seems like we made the same choice in TMC :D

  2. Congrats on the second kid! A useful breakdown of the delivery costs. Will bear this in mind when my wife and I decide to have children eventually!

    1. Hi FS

      Thank you for your well wishes :D

      Enjoy the moment together and I'm sure we'll see some good news from you and your spouse soon :)

  3. first and foremost, congrats B!

    second, yikes! didnt realise its so ex to have kids ! arent there incentive from the govt (ie baby bonus, etc ) to offset the cost?

    btw, how different are the wards from the govt hospital ie TTSH, SGH ?

    1. Hi FC

      Thank you :D

      Nah, I think it's the private hospital that is expensive.

      One of our fellow blogger had his baby born on same day as mine in NUH and it costs around $5k total, with half claimable via medisave. So I think it can be a lot affordable too.

  4. Hi B
    13K can claim from insurance company?

    1. Thank you Yeh :D

      As far as I understand, hospitalization related to pregnancy and delivery will not be covered.

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  6. Hi B,

    Congratulations! Hope you have successfully got a good confinement nanny from the ones I sent you. Enjoy fatherhood and please take good care of your wife!


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  8. hi congrats on your baby! may i know if your #1 child stay tgt with y'all in the one bedder after delivery of #2?

    1. Hi Zihui

      Thank you :)

      We sleep with our elder kid while the younger one will sleep with the nanny in the other room.

      We are still hiring the nanny permanently until he turns about 3 like that.