Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dividend Income Updates - Q4 FY2016

It's the time of the year again where I try to tabulate all the dividend income received in the quarter and see where I stand in terms of passive income cashflow.

I am terming it as passive income because it's the closest to passive as I can get. Naturally it means having the management takes good care of the company and then we reap in the rewards as a shareholders of what's left in the profits.

I'm also excited because I've geared my portfolio purposefully towards companies that pay out decent amount of dividends so some of them may look slightly lesser geared towards growth but they are designed this way according to what I want it to be.

Ideally, I hope this will one day overtake what I am earning from my active income so it'll give me a peace of mind financially towards having more option on what I can do with my money and life.

The goals of financial independence have always been about freedom to me. I don't seek an escape from my life today or appears to be running away from something. I look to it as a long term goal which everyone is involved having the same target. It is an admirable merits which gives me a lot of things to say or different actions to take.

Having different income streams is not a must but a nice thing to have.

Some day in our lives, we will be faced with certain unexpected things that we may be wary of and this could include financial means, and having that buffer of money that you have will help a lot. I just can't stressed how much helpful it has been to me over the past couple of years since I began investing.

Without further ado, I've tabulated the dividend income for Q4 below.

Dividend Income Q4

The last quarter of the year has not been the best in terms of dividend income. In fact, I think I suck in the last quarter of the year :)

There were some companies paying interim but they aren't usually as significant as the other quarters.

CountersAmount (S$)Ex-DatePayable Date
First Reit169.6025-Oct29-Nov

With that, I'm ending the year with $16,505 of dividend income received. It's a far cry from what I'm expecting it to be but with the recent reshape of the portfolio, I think 2017 would be a good year in terms of dividend income.

What about you? How did you fare for the year in terms of dividend income?


  1. You are holding too much cash
    You are missing the boat
    Time in market beats timing market

    1. Hi Meowmeow

      Not sure what you meant there by missing the boat. :)

  2. Very inspiring blog and well done for the dividend. You've saving your war chest for the great singapore sale in Dec 17. I am compiling a watchlist and waiting for the opportunity to long strong fundamental stocks and Reits.

    1. Hi Investminds

      Thank you :)

      Just to clarify also, I'm not saving my warchest for the eventual crash. I'm just ensuring I get the best deal out of every investment I made because that's what ultimately it is. I'm still also actively looking for strong fundamental stocks and reits like yourself given the right valuation.

  3. Using your portfolio as a base, what is the yield you achieve this year?

    1. Hi Sanye

      I think the portfolio yield is around 5.6%, excluding cash portion. It's not what I wanted but from a return basis I've done somewhat well for this year as compared to the benchmark.

    2. I did about $27,000 for this year.