Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Review & 2017 New Year Resolution‏

This week is reflection period as we clocked down 2016 to the last day of the year.

Personal Objective is always something personal which I look back from time to time to see where the indication of the goal is. They are not exhaustive by any measure but they give a direction to where I wanted to focus during the year.

I tried to do this at least once every 6 months to see where the progress is. The last review was during the mid year sometime in Jun (Link Here).

2016 Review

1.) Individual Performance vs Market Benchmark

I understand there's a couple of people who kindly commented on the process in my previous post on the XIRR return.

They are very good feedback which I will take into consideration and revise the process moving forward.

Notwithstanding that into consideration, I think I did pretty reasonably well for this year on this one.

Verdict: Pass

2.) Dividend Income of $24,000

This was a rather stretch goal to begin with as I did not keep much of the passive strategy as much as I would have liked. I also bought and sold companies during the year instead of buying and keeping them.

I didn't do well on this one as the amount of dividend income fell short in 2016.

Nevertheless, I'll try again for this in 2017 and hoping to achieve on the same this time round.

Verdict: Fail

3.) Attend at least 3 AGMs

I completed this in the first half of the year and completed 5 AGMs.

It has been a true pleasure to attend the meeting and get to know more insight talking to the management and knowing the company's prospect.

I would do the same again in 2017 as much as time permits.

Verdict: Pass

4.) Better Health and Fitness

With kid(s) around, everyday is tough and tiring with so much activities to fit into a regular day.

However, health has visibly improved as I began to construct my sleeping pattern more regularly (no more midnight football) and eat healthier food.

I also exercised more regularly by swimming at least once every weekend.

Verdict: Pass

5.) Increase spending on intangible relationship and learning

There's a lot more meet-up this year as compared to the last.

One of our 2016 Meet Up

More relationship building, more long lasting friendship and more networking, all for the good cause of helping one another become a better person.

Verdict: Pass

2017 Goals

1.) Portfolio Networth of $600k

I'm going to give myself quite a big stretch target here so I have put $600k as a goal by the end of next year.

I am expecting a capital injection in the range of $40k next year, so the rest would have to come from either dividend or capital gain.

Let's try to see if this is achievable.

2.) Dividend Income of $24,000

I'm going to redo this goal because it is one of the only one which I failed to reach in 2016.

This would equate to a $2k/month dividend income so that'll be a rough ball-figure park for me to note.

3.) Build up on the Child's Portfolio

I'll have two kids by the time 2017 hits so I'll need to work around and think of building this up in tandem with my own portfolio.

The goal is to buy companies that have decent growth and roe over time since this will compound for many more years to come. In the local market, I'd be taking a close look on banks to do that.

4.) Project Miles

I am on the personal project of chalking up miles so that I will be able to redeem them for my traveling hobby.

Currently, I am using the Citi Premier Miles as well as the Amex Krisflyer and the points have been chalking up nicely. To date, I have about 60,000 miles notwithstanding the bonus miles received.

I'm unlikely to travel in 2017 due to the newborn situation so I'm keeping this for 2018 and beyond.

5.) Influencing Personal Finance and Investing Interests Amongst Close Friends

I've received a couple of requests, both online and offline about asking me to help them to start engine their financial journey.

I think this is just about getting them interested in personal finance and some of the basic finance 101 stuff which allows them to get going for the much longer run. Once they are well equipped with the handling of money, then the harder part would be onto the how to grow the money, which is essentially what I am doing at the moment.

It's nice to be able to just extend my assistance in any way they need.


So 5 goals there for 2017 to aim for.

I hit 4 out of the 5 goals in 2016 and I am looking forward to hitting all bulls eye on 2017 target.

Happy new year everyone and have a blast year ahead in 2017.


  1. Hi B, Amex has many krisyer cards. Which one are you using?

    1. Hi SR

      For Amex i am using the blue Amex, not the ascend one.

      My main primary card is still the citi premier miles because it gives me higher miles conversion point.

  2. with two kids in 2017 and you already have such a amazing portfolio! I have 1 kid... its going to take years before I reach your size as its harder to save and invest now.

    All the best for 2017!

    1. Hi My Investment Machine

      Not a worry at all.

      We are not competing with others but against ourselves the year before.

      I wish you the best for your family and yourself in 2017 :)

  3. Hi B, i have from time to time been reading your blog; informative and insightful. I wish to take this opportunity to wish you and your family happy 2017!! I have started investing seriously only in late 2015, and able to attain blended 5.5% dividend yield of $7.5k p.a. My greatest "miscalculation" is Keppel where it struck me by -20%, hope 2017 would be a better year. Cheers! John

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Many thanks for your kind support.

      Dont worry about the keppel lesson, I think its good that it struck early in your investing journey and there might be a chance that it will also go back to that valuation if oil bounces back.

      Wishing you happy investing and good investing journey in 2017 :)

  4. Dear B,

    I have been following your blog for almost a month now and I have to say it has helped me a lot in my quest towards learning to invest. Great stuff, very informative and easy to read even for a beginner like myself. Looking forward to your finance 101, hope to pick up more from you. Thank you for sharing and I wish you and your family a happy 2017!


    1. Hi J

      Thank you for leaving a message to my email.

      I wish you the best in your investing journey and lets achieve our dreams :)

  5. Hi B,

    I think all should be passes.

    I think you made the right decision not to be too obsessed with meeting the dividend target, judging by your returns for the year!

    Good goals there for 2017 and all the best! I am sure things will go very well!

    1. Thank you 15hww :)

      Hope for the best to you too in 2017, I'm sure you'll be able to reach your goal :)