Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Assigning Each Significance To An Event

There is a pretty good article which I read this morning and wanted to share.

We can relate this to our daily activities, individual agenda and even personal finance. They become so relevant in our daily lives that we have almost always taken it for granted.

The below X and Y axis graph will detailed everything in a nutshell.

Suzy Welch adopted the 10 / 10 / 10 rule when making decisions how to place each event into the right categories. The rule puts us in a situation by raising questions like this:

  • What is the level of significance of the event 10 minutes from now?
  • What is the level of significance of the event 10 months from now?
  • What is the level of significance of the event 10 years from now?

In our investing world, many of us are tempted by short term gains because of the proximity of time that they can feel these gains. 10 minutes is obviously an easier reach than 10 months or 10 years because all we need to do is go for a smoke, comes back and you reach where you want to reach. 

Unfortunately, most of the benefits are only realistic enough in a longer time frame.

Take for instance as we are trying to work on muscles in our abs, we will begin the first step by ditching the usual junk food we ate and thereafter spend another reasonable period of time working out in the gym. For the benefits to shine, it usually takes time before something can work out.

Often, we like to delay and procrastinate things that we are uncomfortable doing. One way to avoid this is by scheduling a time bucket for these things instead of simply chalking it away for an excuse.

This is where the bucket of the top left hand corner comes in.

You may not be prepared mentally for doing some of the things, but you promised to give yourself a chance at a shot to do it. One good example is organizing your personal finance checklist. Perhaps this week you could focus on the expenses and see which of the items you can eliminate. On some other day, it could be some other things.

The same goes for most financial bloggers folks like us out here.

Achieving financial independence takes a lot of mental test and determination and often it takes long planning to churn out the results. Building a dividend investing wealth machine takes years to build and often the results will be mercenary when it comes to the day. There is a lot of organizations being played out in my mind every single day on how to improve things and that's just the way how the mind works these days for me.

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