Sunday, October 2, 2016

Creating Our Own Happiness

Happiness is indispensable to those who seek them.

Everyone has their own definition of what constitutes happiness for them.

For instance, my 2 year old son creates his own happiness by playing with his toys and casually biting me. It hurts physically for me but it makes him happy. He is also happy when we get together as a family spending quality time. The world is a beautiful place. 

In a materialistic society where money can bring about happiness from consumption, many people tuned their life to earn more income in order to buy materialistic things that helps to crave their satisfaction for enjoyment and happiness.

Luxury car, houses, clothing, liquor and parties - all of these costs tons of monies that pushes boundaries for people to come for them. People are generally happy when they spent them because the feeling of owning when no one does is great but temporary. They might be happy for a month or weeks but that feeling will soon disappear as they seek to find greater challenges in their lives and more things to buy for.

Happiness from within is what everyone should be looking for.

We can create our own happiness by simply taking care and spending quality time with one another. Some of the activities like walking in the park, swimming in the pool are mostly cheap if not free.

Having lived through marriage life for a number of years now, I can truly feel how blessed I am when I have companions to go through life with me the up and down. In my quest towards financial independence or in time of distress, they are always there to support.

I might not be there yet in terms of reaching financial independence, but what I know is whether or not I reach there, I have already the best of what I want in this world. 

The best things in life are free. We only have to appreciate them, which we often don't and take them for granted.


  1. it's a good point, thks for sharing

  2. You are too humble. :) I have to agree the best things in live are free.

    1. Many thanks SR.

      Sometimes it doesn't struck us in that manner when we are all fire up gunning for the next financial goal. I am guilty of that myself.

  3. Time is free but most of the time people are always rushing to complete something ”important”

    1. Hi Blursotong

      Yeah I agree, and that's the irony of life isn't it.

      We do things to earn money only to spend money in hoping for us to reach someplace or something we want.

  4. Living in the presence with your family rather that your mind being miles away. And presence and not presents

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