Saturday, February 13, 2016

Who Are The Real Robbers?

Let me start off with a story I read on the web.

There was a robbery incident that took place in a bank one evening. The gang leader shouted to the crowd:

Gang Leader: "Don't move. These are money that doesn't belong to you. Move and I will shoot you."

This is called Mind Thrust Changing Concept.

The robbers knew exactly how long the police would arrived and they would finish their job before the police could come to the scene.

This is called Being Professional and Doing Due Diligence.

When the group of bank robbers returned home, the youngest robber (with a MBA trained degree in one of the prestigious institution) told everyone:

Youngest Robber: "Let's count how much we have and split them accordingly."

This is called Education.

The Gang leader replied:

Gang Leader: "You are so stupid. It'll take a long time to count those money we stole. Tonight, the news will tell us how much money we robbed from the bank."

This is called Experience and Thinking Outside The Box.

Meanwhile back at the scene, the bank manager attempted to call the police after the robbers have fled the scene. But the bank supervisor interrupted:

Bank Supervisor: "Wait!! Let's take some of those money left behind by the robbers since the police would suspect those robbers."

This is called Swimming with the Tide.

After the event, the court was asking for witnesses to testify against the incident but many of those who were there were unwilling to volunteer.

Witnesses: "Don't get me into anymore trouble. I have many things to handle on my plate already."

This is called Mind Your Own Business.

The police, knowing that there isn't sufficient evidence to arrest the robbers and hence crack the case then proceed to close the case as unresolved.

Police: "Let's not waste anymore time on this case. Let's move on to crack the next available case."

This is called Just Another Day Doing My Job.

The question to the story is who are the Real Robbers in this case?

Didn't we see this happening in our everyday lives?

In the context of investing, what behavior do you see now that is different with what you see exactly a year ago?

I hope you enjoy the story.


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  2. I really cant catch your msg...

    1. Hi Anonymous

      You can see the comments below made by Createwealth8888 :)

  3. Either we rob the market or market robs us. :-)

    1. Hi Uncle CW

      Experience speaks louder than words :)

  4. B,

    Now you know how I felt telling my Zebra story on stage...


    Too obvious, lousy story.

    Too cheem... Only a few get it...


    1. Hi SMOL


      I love your zebra story, a pity some can't appreciate it as much.

  5. we are all robbers. lol the money must come from someone, that's why i say best not to be hypocritical. lol

    by the way, I do read your blog, B and I like it. I just don't comment on it too much. :)

    1. Hi SMK

      Thanks for the endorsement :)

      Yea, I think everyone at some point in time is a robber, one way or another. In life, investment or any decision we made, we could be the robber role in the bank.