Monday, January 11, 2016

Save When You Shop This Chinese New Year Promotions

The key to a rich mentality is always about having the two important equation balanced out well. While it is important that that we strive to increase our earnings, we need to subconsciously realize that the other end of the savings is also important. Today, I will be introducing a platform where you can do just that, especially since the festive Chinese New Year is around the corner.
I've come across this website called Shopback where they are being set up as an e-commerce online shopping platform where they allow profit sharing with their customers in the form of cashback. The idea is pretty simple. You get your normal routine shopping done with the merchants you are looking for, but the incentive here is that you get a cashback from them whenever you buy them through Shopback. Shopback gives you vouchers & offers!
Shopback has over 300 merchants that they are partnering with at the moment and the list will continue to grow. You can save with Lazada vouchers, as well as find the latest Taobao promotions this 2016 with Shopback. Each merchant offers different amount of cashback so lookout for their promotions and news.

I think it is an amazing concept and wish I could have known earlier because I've been buying over at those merchants for thousands of dollars every year and if I am going to buy anyway, I might as well get some rebates or cashback from it. The amount may seem negligible at first, but when you add all the shopping you've done for the year, it can come up to pretty amazing savings there. I guess it's pretty much the same when you use your OCBC credit card to get the 6% dining rebates during weekends every time. Since they are giving you the cashback, why not take advantage of it. The more savings you made, the more money you are going to have at the end of the day.
I like that Shopback is also catering to different festive period promotions and they are constantly looking for good deals on behalf of their customers. For instance, the next coming up will be the Chinese New Year where there will be tons of promotions listed on their website. If you are doing some shopping for the festive period, you might as well head down to their site to see if you can get anything.
Lastly, I will leave you with a video promotion on Taobao for the new year 2016. I bet you'll love this as much as my wife does. Have fun shopping!!!

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