Saturday, December 26, 2015

How Much Am I Making From Online Income (2) ?‏

Early in the year, I wrote a post (link here) on some of the things that bloggers need to take note if they are interested in earning some online income on their site, since there were a few people who asked me about it.

They were not the most comprehensive you can find, but they were everything that I know at present, so I am just sharing with everyone that wishes to learn about it. I will try to be as transparent as I could although I do appreciate your understanding that there are some sensitive information that required to be hidden.

My main source of income from the blog is through Google Adsense because they are the easiest to implement and they do not create a disruptive way when opening via a mobile app. I’ve seen some other blogs which use different advertising platform and it can be very annoying when there are too many pop ups along the way.

Google Adsense platform has 3 main avenue to which bloggers can earn money from:

1.) Cost-Per-Click (CTC)

2.) Click-Through Rate (CTR)

3.) Cost-Per-Impression (CPI)

In the first couple of years, my main source of revenue was coming in from the first two, CTC and CTR, from which revenue is earned for as long as someone clicked on the banners displayed. This doesn’t yield much because you cannot obviously influenced when people would click on the banners or if anyone is genuinely interested. All bloggers can do is to increase the amount of traffic for as much as they could and hope by the law of large numbers, more people would click on it.

For some statistic, I was having about 500,000 views based on the first 4 years (and written over 350 articles) and I can tell that the revenue was barely negligible at best (barely less than SGD 50/month). It was a very poor yielding revenue/hour so you definitely need to be doing this more than just the dollar amount alone.

Over the recent year, traffic seems to gain more traction and mounting higher (thanks readers for that) so the Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) has generally inched higher. For the benefit of those who was not aware of the term, CPI is computed based on per 1,000 impression into your traffic. So if let’s say your CPI rate for the day is $5 and you have 2,000 views during the day, then you would get $10 as your revenue. CPI changes everyday based on the advertising tender and the viewership quality of your blog, so it will deviate accordingly.

Other than Google Adsense, the other platform I am using is Nuffnang, which basically has the same avenue of income for bloggers to reach to.

On top of these two main advertising platform, I have also earned via sponsored post, banners, affiliate marketing and freelance writing. I am not able to provide a detailed breakdown on the individual as they are information sensitive so apologize for that. If you are particularly interested in anyone of them, you can email me and we can discuss about it in private.

In 2015, I made a total of about SGD 1,623.17 from these online income revenue. I didn't have to pay for any expenses for the site, so these goes directly into the bottomline.
I really don't pay much attention in trying to increase this as much as possible. I still view writing as a form of passion and providing as much beneficial information to the public as much as I can. It is also not a one way traffic, so I get to learn as much from the others as well. That's where I think the real value is.
The revenue/hour earned from writing is pale in comparison to what I probably earned from my job so I am pretty sure that this is not something I would rely on but something nice to have at the end of the year.

I hope this gives some indication to those who are passionate enough to write because they love to not because they have to. Otherwise, this will become just another task for you.



  1. Well if you think of percentage of this earning and ratio it to amount you saved annually maybe it does help some.

    1. Hi Cory

      It's better if we think it that way for sure.

  2. Nice! Assuming a 5% dividend yield, to achieve SGD 1,623.17 would require SGD 32463.4 of investment. Meaning that your blog (or rather hobby) is now at least worth that much. I mean that is how I would look at it :)

    1. Hi Evan

      That's a nice way of looking at it like that but too bad it is not as passive as I would like it to be. Hence, I did not consider it in that manner.

  3. Your blog is one of my all time favorite blog. You provide a lot of financial skills that are new to me. So, it wasn't a surprise to me to see your page view in the 500K.

    You should work on writing a book, maybe that would boost your income big time?

    Yeah, unless we affiliate with some big company to actually sell a product, I don't see having a blog would make any money. I'm planning on selfhosting this coming year, hopefully the advertisement would pay for the blog itself. But either way, it's $35/year for me without advertisement, so I don't mind paying that.

    1. Hi Vivianne

      Many thanks for your kind words. I'm flattered by it.

      I have thought of writing a book at some point but perhaps towards the nearer of financial independence when I had more time on my side.

      Your blog is doing well too, let's keep the good work up.

  4. I found your blog while Googling "age group in Singapore interested in financial freedom".

    Love the way u write. I didn't know a blog can earn over 50 dollars per month thru Adsense. Thats alot!

    I never made any money yet on my blog, nazayakob. I will try out Adsense and will look thru all your blogs for more tips. Thank you.

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