Thursday, October 8, 2015

Reducing Activities That Aren't Important In Your Life

One of the biggest beneficiaries I've discovered since becoming a parent is that I have a much greater willingness to pay for time and how I treasure the feeling of togetherness as one. The feeling is mutual for now, though I'm sure as he grows older, he will have time for his own activities and friends and will probably be spending less time with us.
This reminds me a story of a person who has planned many activities on his agenda only to find out later that he is unable to complete most of them. The solution for this is simple. He simply needs to reduce on the activities that aren't important in his life. Even so, there needs to be some sort of priority that he can organize.
Focusing on a few activities would have done wonders in our life. This is the act of channelling our energy into achieving a desired objective. Focused behaviour doesn't just happen by chance. It requires a lot of preparation and work to be done before hand. We need to look at our own behaviour and adjust our way of doing things, which could become awkward at start because we are not used to. In fact, in our everyday life, we are trained to multi-task so much that we have become servant to it.
Take my situation for instance. Since I treasure time and togetherness with my family, I had to think of ways that could push my case towards going home on time after work, cancelling any frequent dining appointments with friends and sustain it over long period of time. What this leads to in the end is the idea that strikes me with the possibility of cloning myself so I could enjoy my time doing other activities that matter most to me. Things will change and my priorities would have shifted over time but that is another case for another time. What I am trying to say is if we focus on things that matter to us, we are able to achieve great things which we are not able to if we diversify on doing too many things because of limited resources.
This is probably the reason why great innovators and entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wore the same shirt every day because they would rather spend time thinking more important things in their lives. The same can probably be said with bald people. When you reduce some of these activities which are not important, you can have time to think about things that matter.
Losing focus can mean going into multiple directions towards multiple goals and as a financial independence wannabe, it is the last thing that I wanted to happen to myself after working hard for a good number of years on the goals. Maybe the next time you have too many things on your plate, think again about organizing your priorities and get things done in an ascending order that matters most to you.
What about you? Are you focusing on things that are important to you?


  1. Hi B

    This is one of my trick to manage my time and money. Focus on the important ones and eliminate the rest. Always enjoy reading your post

    1. Hi FD

      Many thanks for your compliments.

      I realize about that too. I think we have much in commons.

  2. Wow B, it's a little freaky the timing of this post - did you happen to read my last post and write this just for me? This is exactly what I've been spending the past few weeks doing as I took some time away from the blog - to refocus on priorities.

    1. Hi Jason

      I've read that you are taking some time away from the internet and blogging world as a whole. We've missed your post.

      But good that you are spending much more quality time with your children and family now.

  3. Hi B
    Whatever it is, spend mord time with your loved ones ie parents wife kids.
    I learnt it the hard way. I am "repaying" it back. Sigh.
    Money cant help me here.

    1. Hi Paul

      Thanks for the advice and I am sorry to hear that about you.

      I'm sure it will be an advice worth thinking for all day long.

  4. Focus and know your priorities! haha

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