Monday, August 24, 2015

Recent Action - Noel Gifts International

The bloodbath today in the STI market has given everyone plenty of things to think about. However, in the midst of a red market, I managed to divest my holdings in Noel Gifts International at a price of $0.34, a 15% gain from the entry price.

This was on the back of an experiment done when I decided to enter in Mar (see post here) that a dividend yield in excess of 10% would usually trigger a psychological importance to investors, similar to cases seen in Design Studio.

In the post, I highlighted a few catalysts that Noel has won during the year, some of which includes the jubilee year gift which they had won. I had estimated a total dividends of 3.1 cents/share, and the actual dividends came up to 3 cents/share, which translates into a 10% yield based on the last closing price before today.

The company still had major contracts won for FY16, though I suspect earnings will not come in as much as this year. Still, I wasn't much convinced about their core business without these special contracts won.

The divestment has freed up more capital for me which I think will be very useful during these market turbulents.


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