Monday, March 23, 2015

What Is Your Ideal Country To Live In ? (A Tribute to Mr. LKY)

This is a tribute post on the passing of one of the greatest visionary leader we ever had in the history of Singapore: Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.
This is a sad day for many of us as the world mourns over the loss of Singapore's grounding father, the great father for all Singaporeans and the legendary adviser to the many out there. He will be sorely missed and judging from the way everyone is mourning over his passing this morning shows how great an individual person he is.
My post below is specially dedicated to the man himself, who has almost single handedly developed and groomed the nation from a third to first world country in less than 50 years.
Ideal Country To Live In
I am pretty sure that most of us have come across the idea thinking of living in an ideal country of our choice, no matter where they are.

Not surprisingly, everyone's version of an ideal country may be different. With the ease of global shift and transformation these days, it is not entirely an impossible task to migrate from one country to another and find another place where you can call home.
I have been asked many times when I was younger about an ideal country I would choose to live in and call a place home. I was young and ignorant most of the times back then and hence I couldn't care less. On top of it, I do not consider the consequences it would have on my life. At worst, I even thought it was weird to be contemplating such thing.

Well, you see - Back then, I had no preference where to live or stay in a place called home because it doesn't seem to matter to me that much. But things change as I grow older. My thoughts were more matured than before and I had to consider a few factors after having a family of my own. I had to make decisions that best fit not only mine but also my family lifestyle. I come to realize the conflict between the idea of a revolving ideal country to live in and the opportunity costs of moving to another. This can become an inflection point in my life.

Financial Freedom

As a financial blogger, financial freedom places on the high end of my objective.

Many often preach about how achieving financial freedom would allow us to live off the constant worries of putting bread and butter for our families through the mighty reign of passive income. Regardless of rain or recession, food and shelter act as a coverage for the basic necessities.

Financial freedom seemingly allow us to indulge in whatever job we want to work for, whoever we want to date with or whichever country we want to live in. Financial freedom gives us more flexibility to make choices that we once were not sufficiently privileged to make, though we know they are not entirely flawless.


However, please do not take financial freedom to be the entirely the same as freedom.

Financial freedom is a subset of Freedom, though the former is talking more towards the money perspective point of view. 

Now, as we already know, money is not the ultimate price for everything. Money cannot buy happiness, commitment or promises. They are merely a currency of barter to allow us to trade for food, transportation, apparels and accommodation. More importantly, money cannot buy a home.
To the many out there who contemplates about moving to a place where they can call another home, do note that it doesn't sound as easy as it appears. There are simply too many variable factors where you had to consider before choosing to stay permanently where you can call home.

Take myself for instance, my own preference for an ideal country (home) would revolve around these 5 factors:

  • Safety is  not compromised

This is attributed to the low crime rate, safety working environment, harsh punishment for offenders and eyes for justice. The rare occurrence of natural disasters would also have to come under this factor.

  • Efficiency is rewarded

I admired countries which constantly aspires to grow and reward efficiency and productivity. I am not talking just about a developed nation in general but a country that is serious about growing and preparing itself for a better tomorrow.

  • Differences are appreciated

Here, I am referring to differences in opinions and thoughts which are mutually respected and considered. A country progresses through the notion of different ideas and creativities from the people and I applaud those differences.

  • Cultures are adapted

I think we have lived through a century where we often meet people that comes from different countries or different cultures and I think a respectable nation would be conscious enough to adapt the culture or people that comes with it.

  • Nations are united
Today's incident regarding the loss of Mr. LKY probably shows an example of the strength of the nation and the unitedness of its people in going through these difficult phases.
Final Thoughts
The thing about comparing a place called home is unlike those of comparing wealth for different people. Countries have to be compared relatively because everyone needs a place to stay where they can call home, where privelege caveat applies.
Now, do you still need to find one or do you already have an ideal place where you can call home?



  1. He was such a great man. RIP.

  2. Hi B,

    Sometimes, the head does tell me to leave when the time is up.

    However, the heart almost always tells me to stay. =)


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