Sunday, February 15, 2015

Joie Restaurant (by Dozo) - A Real Value for Money

As a financial blogger and a secret food explorer myself, there is one common attribute that I am always on the lookout. That attribute is Value. I have tasted plenty of great food with great ambience in my life, but they usually come at a high price to it. It is rare that I find a truly good value deal for money for a restaurant and when I do find it, I usually try to share my experience so that others can experience it as well.

If there is one thing good about killing two birds in one stone, it is to find a wife whose birthday is around the corner of Valentine's week. Just kidding. I celebrated my wife birthday today at a restaurant called Joie by Dozo. It is located at the Orchard Central on the roof garden where you can reserve a private room with view facing the garden. Amazing view with a great ambience for a casual fine dining.

Amazing Garden View

When we reached there, we were greeted by a very welcoming host who led us into the private room. The temperature inside the room is a little cold for the two of us, but we were more excited about the environment and the menu than anything else. The menu for lunch comes in 6 course meal at a price of $38.80++. As there are a couple of choices that we have to choose in between the appetizer, soup and main dishes, we were thoroughly explained by the waiter who had provided us extremely good service all around. In the end, we went with most of the recommendation he suggested.

As we were waiting for our first dish to come, we were given a welcoming thirst quencher which makes up of some pineapple cocktail to start with. Taste really refreshing.

Pineapple Cocktail

Divine (Dish 1)

The first dish was the appetizer which is standard across the selection.

They are made up of some Vanilla pancake with some carrots and Aloe Vera at the center. The last on the left is cooked cranberry twiddled with some green teas powder.

Chef's Selection of Assorted Platter

Prelude (Dish 2)

The second dish looks like still an appetizer to me. I don't really know how many appetizer prelude does a fine dining has but it looks really good to me.

Mrs B was having the Transparency of Manchego Cheese where it is basically a cheese at the cover with some rocket salad, mushroom, red and green pepper, walnut and black olive at the top. I tried a couple bite of those and it does taste pretty good considering that I am not a big cheese fan to start with.

I was having the Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella where it has button mushroom gratin served with tennessee heirloom potato puree and an endive focaccia to it. I really like this dish a lot and no regret choosing this set for this round.

Transparency of Manchego Cheese

Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella

Elixir (Dish 3)

Next up is the soup on the agenda.

As soon as I tasted the lady choice, I knew I was going to lose this round by a huge knockout. Mushroom, Cepes and Truffle soup are my favorites and they do not disappoint for this one. I was going to choose this for my selection but I wanted to try out different soup and I ended up with the Green pea espuma which basically is made up of green pea in powder foam and a couple of baby sprouts. It tasted quite weird at the beginning but slowly grow as you finished up on the last drop.

Infusion of Cepes and Truffle

Espuma of Green Pea Cappuccino

Crescendo (Dish 4)

By this stage, we were pretty full already so we took some rest and photo before going to the main dishes.

Mrs B chose the Trio of Spheres for her main dish which made up of fresh wild mushroom with truffle oil and onion puff pastry and butternut pumpkin risotto ball with curry mayonnaise. Again, I took a few bite of hers and I like it very much with all the fried stuff in my mouth.

For myself, I chose the Truffle Risotto and Morel for my main dish and after glancing at it, I realized that it was very similar to the kind of food that Little B Jr is eating everyday. The taste is rather good with the mascarpone cream and parmesan crisp mixed with it, though my mind was thinking about my boy as I was eating it. We had a little laugh missing our little one on this occasion.

Trio of Spheres

Truffle Risotto and Morel

Sweet Endings (Dish 5)

After the main dish, it was the everyone's favorite section of the dessert.

We saw the waiter pushing out the main dessert cart and advises us on the selection of the desserts available. We were told to choose in between a few selection of cakes, chocolates and macarons. These were really good!!!

Push Cart

Potion (Dish 6)

Last but not least, we have the refreshing potion drinks towards the end of the meal.

Somehow, when I think of potion, I am reminded of those RPG games I used to play in the past where it can store some energy.

Ice Mallow Apple Melody
Ice Fruity Refresher

Birthday Cake (Courtesy of the restaurant)

Knowing that it was my wife birthday, the restaurant gave a small cake on their complimentary so we can take a photo together and capture this moment in memory.

On top of that, the restaurant also gave a complimentary tea glass that we could bring home.

Photoshoot together :)

...And a kiss from the Mr. to the Mrs.

Complimentary Gift


Overall, it was a really great dining experience for a great food with a great service at a great ambience with an excellent company. At $38.80++, I think this is one of the few restaurants which is very value for money and I think the restaurant and staff deserves more credits for their effort to make each customer happy.

Food: 9/10
Ambience: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Company: 11/10
Overall: 9.5/10

As I was writing this, hmm maybe I could do a food blog once I am closer to financial freedom. Food for thoughts.....Anyway, give it a try.

From a food explorer who is a financial blogger at the same time :)


  1. Hey B,

    That really sounds very value! You guys look lovely. I think becoming a food blogger once you're reached financial freedom will be a great way to spend your time, haha!

    1. Hi GMGH

      I think that sounds about just right.

      Food is not as taboo as financial planning and it relates to more people appreciating about it. Maybe can combine the two like what Derek suggested :)

  2. Hi B,

    That's very sweet and thanks for the recommendation. I will bring my partner there someday.

    I have always wanted to aggregate food blogs but there are already plenty of that around but a food blog from a finance point of view may just be that unique selling point. Let me know when you become a food blogger ya. :)

    1. Hi Derek

      Thank you for not kicking me out from your blog. I guess combining the two differentiate myself from star food bloggers like ladyironchef right? Hahaha.

      I saw your valentine's date in fb going to the zoo. Very romantic as well. Glad that we all enjoyed our time together :)

  3. Wow fine dining at a bargain!!!

    May i know the $38++ is per person or 2 person means 38 x 2?

    1. Hi jfree

      It's actually a rather casual fine dining setting where you get a nice view with a private cosy room.

      The price list is for 1 person. Hahaha, cut them some slack ba, we all know how those crazy Reits are charging retail malls these days. :D

  4. Wow looks a lot better than Jaan!!!

    1. Hi PIB

      Hahaha, I think food taste and prestige wise cannot compare with Jaan.

      I've been wanting to try that maybe will do so in the next important event.

  5. Thanks for posting, B. Will check the place out one day. Looking good guys!

    1. Hi Retail Trader

      Let me know what you think about the place after you visited it :D

  6. First time I feel compelled to write, as your analysis is always very detailed. Great lobang Mr B, and what a great looking couple.
    Perhaps, this will encourage the other star bloggers to start posting (more) personal pictures.

    Happy Birthday to Mrs B!

    1. Hi An

      Thanks for leaving your comment and your well wishes for Mrs B, appreciate it :)

      I have met many of the other bloggers around but they did stress that they would like to remain anonymous for work or personal reasons. I think it may be some time before they reveal who they are :)

  7. That really seems like a good deal! Also, you both look really young!

    1. Hi J

      Thanks for the compliment :D

      I am approaching the Big 3 this year, so maybe not so young anymore.

  8. That is a lot of value for the money! The pictures look great too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Henry


      And congrats on setting up your fan page in fb :)

  9. Don't tell me $38++ for both?? that value for money....

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Sorry for the disappointment.

      But it is for per pax price :)

      The rentals and labours alone are increasing through the rooftop, doubt it will be that cheap in Singapore.

  10. Them descriptions and photos! Hehe..

    Anyway great review and awesome pricing!
    Thank you for sharing, B! Hope to see more~ :)

    The IA

    1. Hi TIA

      You are welcome :)

      Give it a try. I think you will like it ;)

  11. Hi B,

    If the food is similar to Dozo, then it should be good! The presentation even looks similar but Dozo's price is around 4 times of it on Vday.. great value indeed!

    1. Hi Jes

      You are indeed an expert on this subject matter.

      The restaurant is indeed a kind of subsidiary by Dozo so their methodology of presenting does look the same.

      Dozo is a prety good value as well. I like going to them for special occassion.

  12. This place is just great. Expect to wait if you go at a prime time, but it is worth it. Went to Chicago restaurants to grab dinner on a Tuesday night. Loved the happy hour deal, and the pasta with clams was amazing.

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