Friday, February 6, 2015

How much am I making from online income?

I wasn't going to post about this since my focus is not on this section of the blogging but since I have received a couple of emails asking me about it, I thought it will do no harm answering some of those queries and being transparent about it.

Even though I have blogged over the past 4 years, I have only started subscribing to Google Adsense and Nuffnang since late September last year. From my pageviews on the right section of the blog, the figure shows just over 500,000 views and if we pro-rata the figures for the past 4 years of blogging, it is actually not that all impressive. I remain puzzled why are there people who approach me regarding this matter. Hmm anyway, I will try my best to see where I can contribute in this one :)

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a platform where you can earn income from displaying specific targeted Google ads in your website.

Generally, you get some sort of income from Adsense through Cost-per-click (CPC), Click-through-rate (CTR) and Cost-per-impression (CPI). The first two is based on the number of people who click on your advertisement banners displayed while the latter is based on the number of people who visited your website.

Obviously, I am not able to influence my readers to click onto the banners so I do not generally do anything about that. However, there are certain banner ads sizes which tend to be more popular in attracting better quality ads and you may want to put as much of these banners when possible based on your layout template. These popular banners are often in the size of:

  • 336 * 280
  • 300 * 250
  • 728 * 90
  • 160 * 600

On the other hand, the Cost-per-impression (CPI) is perhaps something that the blogger can influence better. This can be done through analyzing certain data through Google Analytics and looking where the crowd is coming from and what information they are looking for. Some topics at certain periods are generally more viral than the others. For example, during an IPO period of a certain stock, there are more search on this topic on the web so if you decide to blog about it, you will get more views on the topic itself. Certain scenarios such as the Sim Lim or Xia Xue incident also apply in this case.

Based on my experience so far, stock analysis posts usually garner the least viewership, while others such as financial planning and personal finance garner more viewership. This is very common as the latter tends to cater to the general public more then specific stocks. As mentioned above, IPO analysis is also a very popular topic as the general public tends to be more involved somehow and would like a piece of the share.

My Performance

Anyway, for those who are interested in my statistics and how much I have earned from online income in the month of January can see the screen I have shot below. I have erased the Page CTR, CPC and RPM figures because I think it is an infringement to google policy, not too sure about that. To summarize, these are the results:

  • Estimated Earnings: SGD 54.43 / month
  • Page Views: 33,994 / month or 1,096/day
  • 15 Articles written during the month or 2,266 views/article on average
  • No articles gone viral
  • The earnings include some from ads click on top of page views.

So this is it. I'll probably do an update to this at the end of the year to see where the online income comes in. $54.43 is certainly not a lot for the month if you include the amount of effort needed to maintain the blog going but they are a plus nevertheless. 

I hope this post is useful to anyone who are interested in knowing how much bloggers are making in online income. You can roughly get a gauge to how much the more popular bloggers are getting by the same standard but this is as much as I know about online income stuff.

What about you? Do you think the amount is too paltry to count?


  1. $54 is a nice little bonus B, and I assume you would keep blogging and putting the same effort in with or without the ads, so any incremental revenue helps!

    Great stats on your readership and pageviews too - I have a long way to go before I get to that level! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be putting any ads on my site - I don't want to detract from the calm, peaceful feeling of the Islands ;)

    Hope your readers continue to grow and you get a nice little boost in your online income as a bonus!



    1. Hi Jason

      Thanks for your kind comments and support.

      I'm pretty sure you'll get to a much higher level sooner than later with those islands. I understand some people dislike putting ads that disrupts their website so totally understand your situation on that.

      Since blogging is my hobby at the moment, I guess I'll take whatever that comes my way as an incremental and bonus.

  2. I have previously made about US$200+ over 3 years; but subsequently I have removed all commercial ads so that I have absolute freedom of posting whatever I like as viewership is irrelevant to me. I think you may know why.

    1. Hi Uncle CW

      Totally understand what you are saying and I am sorry to hear about one recent case of yours. But you are right, I think ultimately I would not like anyone to stop whatever I want to post on my own blog. If it becomes commercialized too much, it can have that effect.

    2. CW, why is commercial ads restricting to what we want to write?

  3. Hi B,

    Blogging as a journal and blogging for an income are very different. I believe your main purpose is to document your financial journey and to share and interact with like minded people. Any amount made from advertising is just a bonus.

    1. Hi Derek

      You are right.

      I've been incredibly blessed to learn from a lot of fellow bloggers about not just money in general but also life and beyond. The interaction of that alone is priceless. Anything made from advertising is really just a bonus.

  4. Hi B,

    Your viewership is quite something in my eyes. But for me, the reverse is true, more read about my stock analysis than if I just mambo Jambo and talk anything under the sun.

    But how to keep writing about company prospecting??

    Anyway, as long as there are readers, I am quite grateful liao.

    1. Hi Sillyinvestor

      Thanks for your kind comment.

      I've always enjoyed your posts, either on stock analysis or just talking about life (or frustrations) in general :D

      Keep on going but keep pace and don't get tired of it :)

  5. Hi B,

    Always put interest above income! Most importantly is to enjoy what you are doing. In particular, I have enjoyed your articles on REITs, and I see you have the book by Jayaraman as well, a gem for S-REITs investors.

    1. Hi Turtle Investor

      Just saw your post on the adsense earnings as well.

      Keep on going on your side and thanks for your support as always.

  6. Hi B! Very nice progress!

    It will only go up from here. Have you thought about other ad advertisings? Google adsense doesn't pay nearly as much as the private ad companies do. $54 a month is your cell phone bill and maybe a good dinner out. :) I'm sure you'll hit 100 a month in no time.

    1. Hi Jeff

      Thanks for your comment.

      Honestly, I have not thought about other ad advertisings. I think adsense is by far the most direct and easiest to implement. I'm not so sure about the rest.

  7. Hi B

    For someone like you who has kept a blog going for such a long time (relatively, in the Singapore blogosphere context), it was definitely never about the money. Keep up the good work you do with this blog!

    1. Hi Retail Trader

      Thanks for your support as always :D

      I hope I will be able to persevere through 10 years of blogging just like the many veteran others we have in the blogosphere :)

  8. I don't think that amount is too small. It's like being a dividend investor in the early days when your passive income is measured in just a few dollars. Just think in one year if your blog stays at current traffic levels you'll be earning well over $600 for a year. That's something in my book.

    1. Hi DivHut

      Thanks for being so humble.

      I'm pretty sure your website has amassed much more than myself given your traffic. Keep on going and will be supporting yours too.

  9. B,

    Thank you for sharing your numbers and AdSense income. Even though $54 doesn't seem like much, it's a nice extra stream of income. If you keep that level of income up, you'll be earning more from your blog than I'm making in dividend income this year. :)

    My AdSense income has steadily been growing, with January the best month yet at €35. If I manage that amount month after month, I'll be happy.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi NMW

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

      Your adsense income will grow in no time. I'm pretty sure once you have gone through a few years you'll be hitting the roof there.

      Wishing you all the best in the dividend investing journey. I think it's a really nice strategy to be in.

  10. I think $50 is pretty amazing free money. It would cover my dog food and treats for the month. Certainly why not? Haha

    1. Hi BeSmartRich

      Hahaha I don't have a dog over at my side though I have one kid to take care of. Probably cover his swimming lesson for a week ;)

  11. Hi B,

    S$54 in a month is a lot =) Every little bit counts in generating passive income towards financial freedom! Although I am a foodie, investing and generating passive income is what I have been working towards in the past 4 years.

    Are you just using google adsense as I noticed you have mentioned that you signed up for Nuffnang as well?

    1. Hi Foodie

      Thanks for visiting :)

      Im pretty sure food would attract a lot more crowd than finance which is mostly boring topics hehe.

      Yes I did have a mix between nuffnang and adsense but more towards the latter. I have around $20 bucks on account for nuffnang and they are generally harder to earn than adsense. Anyway I dont think I am able to withdraw it yet until I hit $100 or more.

      Hope to see you around more. Take care :)

    2. Generally, it maybe more boring for most. But it is an important topic for me. can finance more meals =D

      Waiting to hear more of your (and other blogs) perspectives of the different stocks be it TA/FA.

      if $100 is the min withdrawal amt, you just need to wait for this month to end, assuming the monthly amount does not differ much.

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