Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dividend Income for August -- The reality of dream

National Day is here and it means it's another month of dividends for investors.

This has become one of my favorite section as I continue to build my warchest while at the same time able to reap the fruits from the existing portfolio. Dividends are basically rewards to investors without having active work that you have to do like in the office. The best part is it gets really automatic now and it keeps on piling up till the day you retire or leave the earth, whichever is later.

Dividend investing continues to play a big part in my plans to retire from the corporate world early as time becomes more precious as each day past. I have colleagues who are still working at the age of 60+ and it is easy to see how frail they are at the mercy of the employers. When retrenchment comes, they are usually the first to go, leaving much uncertainty to how they will cope with their daily lives. I certainly wouldn't want that type of uncertainty when I get old and the earlier I settle this issue the better it is for myself and family.

Receiving $6,132 in dividend income in May earlier this year was a fantastic feeling, August is another fantastic month with dividend income coming in at $3,239. Even if the amount is unable to cover the full expenses for the month, it still prove to be useful. I certainly think dividend investing will continue to be my strategy for this year and the next as my portfolio looks to grow bigger.

CountersDividends (S$)
FraserCenterpoint Trust188.00
Sembcorp Ind250.00
FraserCommercial Trust240.00
First Reit200.00
ST Engineering90.00
China Merchant Pacific665.00
Stamford Land90.00

With SGX loosening from 1000 to 100 per lots from 2015, I hope this strategy could be useful to those who are starting out. As always, it is a nice cycle to be in, whenever national day comes, your dividend comes in as well ;)


  1. Hi B,

    I really hope you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour before "you leave the earth" because you deserve it.

    Another month of good dividends for u. That's definitely a useful amount since many do not even bring home such an amount from their day jobs.

    1. Hi 15hww

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Its been a good month of dividends for you as well I suppose.

      And ahh Vicom just announced dividends of 8.75 cents a share which means I hv officially crossed the 3k dividends mark ;)

      Cheers to us vicom investors ^^

  2. Nice and tidy passive income it is, I am working on my dividend investing strategy too.. ;-)

    1. Hi Richard

      Its a nice strategy indeed to be invested in a dividend growing company. When they do well dividend increases year on year. Couple of years from now we can really enjoy those tidy yield on costs ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Winston.

      Hope to see you around more.

  4. Is there a dividend payout for CMPacific in August?

    1. Hi anonymous

      To be honest I was not sure whether they will be paid in aug or sep but they hv definitely proposed a dividend of 3.5 cents a share :)

  5. Wealth = Asset value + Cash flow.

    Dividends as cash flow. So good!

    1. Hi Uncle CW

      Cashflow is king.

      Good to see Sembcorp finally declaring interim. Hope the trend continues.

  6. "The best part is it gets really automatic now and it keeps on piling up till the day you retire or leave the earth, whichever is later."

    I think it should be either "whichever is earlier" or simply "till the day you leave the earth".

    1. Hi Anonymous

      If I read correctly it should be later not earlier. What this means that even if you had retired the dividends keep flowing. Its not going to stop for generations if I decide to pass it down to my children.

  7. Dividends are so good! Happy collections and growth.

    Here're mine US and SG teams:

    Small steps forward.

    1. Hi Lizardo

      Your team looks like a fantasy team a mixture of champions all over.

      Keep it up too. We'll hv a community for company

  8. Hi 3Fs,

    It's good to see fellow countryman had such a good dividend income. I'm looking forward to my own portfolio to generate that kind of income. Thank for all your inspired writing & sharing.


    1. Hi David

      Thanks for visiting.

      I visited your blog too and it has really good outline of what you would like to achieve in the future.

      I also noticed that you are probably half invested in US stocks. Any reason you particularly are interested in the US stocks?

  9. Wah grats! My dividends this month also not as high as yours leh. At least not yet! ;)

    1. Hi PIB

      You must have experienced this feeling a lot. I noticed you commented on a dividend rich month for yourself in your blog ;)

  10. Hey B,

    Just here to give you a congratulatory message! Haha
    You are a definitely a role model for me, and I believe, many others too! :)

    The Independent Abecedarian

    1. Hi TIA

      I hope it sends out a message of motivation rather than envy, which was never my purpose of writing.

      I remember couple of years back when I had to start from ground zero, times do fly past really quickly.