Saturday, August 30, 2014

29th Birthday Edition Post - What's the next target?

I turned 29 years old today and this is third edition of the birthday post. As a customary edition of this posting, I usually start by evaluating how I did in the past one year against the projection target set. Then   will post on something lighter on this birthday edition.

It's glad to know that I am doing relatively well on what I deemed as a very stretched target set at the beginning. My current portfolio for Aug 14 stands at $277,695, which is 13% higher than the original target of $245,920.

Some readers have asked me how I managed to put in $60,000 capital a year. This is really just a stretched target that I have set for myself. I doubt I will be able to do that unless the bonus or other income coming in are really strong for the year. With a kid now on the boat, it is even harder to inject that much capital monthly into the portfolio. The savings rate has also dropped significantly since.

But hey, so far so good so no complaint from me. The next target for next year will be the big one as I hit the glamorous age of 30 years old and we'll see how the portfolio goes. The market conditions will play a big part to succeed that.

Projection Target
YearYearStarting CapitalCumulative Annual Capital Injection Dividends on Starting CapitalTotal Yearly Dividend PayoutMonthly Passive Income
 *Above excel spreadsheet was extracted from

So, on a more relaxing note, I brought my family to Marina Bay Sands where we planned to eat the Pizzeria Mozza. It was tightly packed so we went to the neighbour to eat the DB Bistro.

It was a heavy spending for the meals. The four of us, and my baby (he didn't eat anything of course) consumed a total of $350 worth of food. It was quite pricey and the food was too westernized for my liking. I preferred a chinese meal where it might suit the overall taste of the recipient better. In any case, it was a good meal, a good gathering with the family, and it was my first birthday celebration together with my son :)

No present this year but no worries. I am probably too old to get mad for not getting any present anyway.

So that is it. I dream today and wake up tomorrow and when I do so, I live to look forward for the next 365 days to my big 30th birthday. Until then, I wish everyone healthy and happy.

                                          "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today"



  1. Hi B, happy birthday to you! Looks like you are on target and can relax one corner liao lol (just joking)... Keep going..

    1. Hi Richard

      Thanks for your kind wishes.

      It's another day of keeping our toes together once tomorrow starts.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    and happy farewell to 2X too.

    1. Hi Uncle CW

      It's going to be a totally different milestone at this time tomorrow.

      Excited but nervous. Hmm..

  3. B,

    Cheers and Happy Birthday!

    We don't normally dream in numbers.

    The 2 last photos are more like it :)

    People first,

    then money,

    then things.

    1. Hi SMOL

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Ahh, Suze Orman favorite quotes at the end of her show.

      Not sure why health is not mentioned there. What are things anyway? (i've been wanting to ask this)

    2. B,

      Things are discretionary things that we buy because we want to: that new iPad, that new car, etc ;)

      Health is not there as its not part of financial planning. Health is a lifestyle choice.

      That's because in Western thinking, they like to put everything in nice cookie-cutter boxes. This goes there, that goes here.

      But if we adopt the Oriental holistic way of looking at things, then I am with you - health and money and everything else all go together!

      Health is wealth :)

  4. Happy 29! Still young :) once you cross 30 you stop counting :P

    1. Hi Mr. IPO


      I hope I will still be counting.

      It should be a proud moment as we advance in years ahead :)

  5. Happy bday B, and congrats for exceeding your target! It is very inspirational to see you achieve such financial progress, as well as enjoying life along the way. Keep it up, always eager to see your posts!

    1. Hi Got Money Got Honey

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Appreciate it.

      It's good to see similar minded people having the same goal in life.

      Let's keep it up together :)

  6. Hello B, happy belated birthday to you~!! Im sure you will be able to hit your target. More good years to come. Huat ah!

    1. Hi S-Reit System Investor

      Thank you!!!

      I will be keeping my finger crossed on the upcoming target to come definitely. If I am able to make it, then it's really a good progress and a bonus. If not, totally fine as well as long as I know what I am doing.

  7. Hi B,

    Happy Birthday!

    Regarding those targets, I guess what matters more is the $60K savings target rather than portfolio value? Higher element of control?

    But like what SMOL said, what matters even more than those numbers is the smile on you and your family's faces.

    Miserable with $60K savings or happy with $40K savings? No-brainer. =)

    1. Hi 15hww

      Thanks for your kind wishes.

      I've been splurging out quite a bit these days but hopefully won't fall into the trap where money and meals can buy happiness.

      I am spending more time with them so definitely worth every bit of the cause. :)

  8. Hi B,
    Happy birthday to you. Still at a very good age. Our birthday is just one day apart (+1) though 7 years earlier for me. Maybe explain why I read your blog and share your views frequently.

    1. Hi Rolf

      Thanks for your kind wish.

      Ahh so we are a virgo and we share the same view.

      A happy birthday to you too my friend :)

  9. Hi B,

    Happy belated birthday wishes! Wishes you healthy, happy and successful. Looking forwards to your post.


    1. Hi David

      Thanks for your well regards.

      Looking forward to seeing you more around as well :)

  10. Congrats and happy belated birthday!

    Really love your blog and your insightful articles !. Wishing you many good years of health ahead ! ^^

    1. Hi Augmentin

      Thanks for visiting the site.

      Appreciate your kind words and wishes and wishing you too many good year ahead :)

  11. Happy belated birthday!

    A small gift based on your BD.
    You are someone with lots of Supporter & Network. Very detailed in handling matters. You are busy seeking many business opportunities/investments, and a Risk Taker with successful venture. Investment can and will be successful. You can be stubborn and self-centered though.

    As long as you know your strengths and weaknesses, harness and work on your strengths and minimize on the weaknesses.

  12. Happy belated birthday =)

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It is very inspirational, and also reminder of the importance of being consistent.

    I went to Kyith website to look for the Projection Target xls with no success. Can you please share the direct link? I would like to know how to calculate the total dividends projected ( due to progressive y throughout the year ) and Starting Capital ( capital + k injection + total dividends is still less that then the following year's starting capital...)

    thank you.

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