Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Working is the ultimate slavery duty for a financial freedom wannabe

Many people wants job security.

Many more people wants financial freedom.

Usually, the more security a job has, the more mundane and repetitive the role is. The more hate you have for your job, the more you seek to get out of the rat race and seek your own path for financial freedom. Ever thought so that way?

Working my 9-6 job everyday to me is a slavery duty which I dislike, yet compared to those without jobs I am glad to have them. How ironic. Our work is compensated with employees like us being paid wages at the end of every month. Employees of today's century have an iconic culture where working staffs like you and me build our lifestyle in the evenings and on weekends. And after spending the weekends on branded things like Laduree and Tiffany, we are back to where we are the following Monday - which why explains the existence of Monday Blues. Sometimes we don't even know ourselves why we bought the things we bought on weekends on money we don't have and on things we don't actually really like. Hmmph.

Oh, I do mention above that I was glad to have my jobs. I really do. But I am not planning to do this for the rest of my life, or at least I will try not to. I have the right to eat and live my dreams with my own sustainable income. I have the right to fight against my will to freedom.

For now, if you pay me, I will do it. It's a job after all.


  1. no offence but you are likely to give just enough in your job with the that mentality. do you get ppl questioning ur ambition? apologies if im assuming things but truth is i face this dilemma too.. my work is just a chore lol

    1. Hi steven

      You hit the nail on the road!!!

      Bad thing about this is you dont give your total absolute with that mentality and it is true. And its a kind of pity sometimes.

      But I try to look on the other greener side of the road while doing this intelligently. Cant help it, my work is a damn chores all rounder.

  2. Hi B,

    It's quite a miserable existence, isn't it? I hope you can find some passion in doing some things that are not work related, otherwise it'll be quite a drag to push yourself off bed to just work for money. I bet you're not the only one.

    Not gloating here, but I'm glad I'm not in your shoes LOL

    1. Hi LP

      You r right. How many people in my profession (accountant) dare to say they love to do the monthly quarterly and yearly closing and that is true to their passion. I dare to say most do it for the love of money. Its a stare fact.

      Teaching to you is a passion and glad you managed to have them by your side all these while.

  3. B,

    The dam will collapse one day.

    The straw will beak the camel's back.

    The forest fire will clear all.

    And when you least expect, green shoots appear.



    1. Hi Smol

      Breathe when you least expect. Live when the world expects.

      Hard to say, ive been convincing myself everyday about it ;)

  4. Hi B,

    I hope you find your passion and this passion can be your career. We spend most of our time working so why not find something that we enjoy doing? Don't settle for less. Keep on seeking and searching.

    I always believe any passion can become a career too. We just need to find out how to create it if it doesn't exist.

    Most people who achieved financial freedom have already found their passion beforehand. They continue working even though they don't need to anymore. They just love what they do.

    1. Hi SG YI

      Thanks for your words of wisdom.

      Passion is something true to my heart and I kinda get the idea of what I wanted to do but not realistic to make it a full time job.

      Blame anyone? Blame myself for ending up in accounting degree ;)

  5. Hi B,

    Obviously, doing something you have no passion in will not help matters. But I guess passion isn't everything?

    I am pretty sure most professional soccer players love the sport. But some simply refuse to turn up for training under some managers. =p

    Maybe, it's about having more control and freedom over what we do?

    1. Hi hww

      Spot on.

      Having more control is one key out of this kind of feeling which is why you and me have been looking for more freedom out of life.

      Well if man city does approaches me and I am sitting at the benches why not ;)?

  6. As far as work is concerned, it is quite hard to find something we love to do while making a decent living out of it. As long as we does not hate what we are doing or the environment we are in, I think it is good enough.

    While working, save and invest for passive income so that we can work part-time or retire completely without waiting for draw-down age of CPF.

    1. Hi betta man

      Agree. I dont hate my job. I just dislike them. So I guess I just pick up my wages every month.

      Even when I posted my posts in facebook, my boss "like" my post so I guess we are mutual? Hahaha

  7. Time for you to look for another job when you describe your job as "slavery duty". I think you should be fair also to your employer, if you don't give your maximum effort, you don't deserve your pay check. On the other hand, if you not happy and feel not challenged, then perhaps another job would suit you better.


  8. Hi gerald

    Not true.

    In fact the other way round ive given much support to the company during this transition time during the company. While I dont give my maximum effort I dont give minimum effort too. Its fair and square to me and my employer. I dont do tricks like taking and utilising the mc available to me. So im sorry I hv to disagree with you ;)

  9. If everybody in the office push to their limit.

    How does company distribute their bonus?

    Some work less. Get less.
    Some must work more to get more.


    1. Hi uncle yes we need someone to play the role of a minimum otherwise company turnover and resentment will hit the roof.

      In singapore unlikely I can be the one that works the hardest and longest.

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  11. I feel for what you say. It is so important to reach financial independence quickly. For the regular folks out there who retire in their 60s, it is hard to have sufficient time to enjoy life. While many of us remain healthy up to our 30s, we begin to see ourselves stricken with illnesses at the onset of 40 and 50. So why not strive for financial independence and make the best out of lives while we are young!

    Renewed investor

  12. Hi, although I feel for what you say. But I still hope that I can have best of both world! Yes I know I am greedy. But I would really like to be in a career where I can grow myself and contribute significantly to the organisation - it is more of achieving a career satisfaction and growth. Whereas, having achieve financial freedom is a goal that everyone should have. To have enough to take care of your family and yourself when you are old or sick. Some people actually told me that It is also when you achieve financial freedom, you can then appreciate the true meaning of having joy in working, in which you work not for money but passion. :)

    I really hope I can achieve that one day.