Friday, January 3, 2014

Struggles that makes you stronger in the financial world

What doesn't kills you makes you stronger.

Life isn't one straight line like the one you see in the picture.

Life is full of ups and downs and most often it is the struggles in life that makes us stronger of who we are. Without discomfort we will never progress individually.


In the stock market, you may have a lot of options and choices of what to buy or what to sell. Sometimes, the more you research, the more options you have and the more decisions you have to make. And it can be a struggle to make decisions myself if I am to be honest. Buy all? The worst part about it is you can have multiple choices but the money is limited.


Have you ever sold a stock and the next day it went up a chuck higher? You may feel a sense of regretful selling it at an instant even though you may still make a profit. It happens to me and I am pretty sure it happens to everyone else. We can't buy at the bottom nor sell at the peak. Move on with it and don't look back.


Everyone loves the adrenaline rush of being a trader. Fast in Fast out Quick money. Studies shown that only the minority have the patience to wait for stock to come to good valuations before entering in. And want to be financially independent? This is one trait you will very importantly need in your life.


Envy creates jealousy. Many times we have people around us who would earn greater than us, live a better life than us and eat a more luxurious food than us. So what do people usually do? Envy.

Envy can become a good motivator if you treat it the correct way. Treat it as a kind of motivation and target to aim for and it can be good for you at the end of the day. Well, this does not apply for everyone but at least it does for me.

So with all the above, if you fall down, do not despair. Stand up and be a stronger individual. Sometimes, it is the struggle that is the truly blessings in your life.


  1. B,

    Ah yes ENVY.

    Why is Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl playing in my head?

    Love is definitely not a straight line extrapolation...

    You har... Now the memories start flowing back...

  2. Hi SMOL

    "Where can I find a woman like that...."

    Hahaha, definitely great songs memories flow back tears dries up quickly.

  3. Indecision...

    This is most probably one of the factors that hinders me in attaining success in life.

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