Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Singapore Pools to take more market share in Singapore

Singapore Pools - Towards Community Purpose and Benefit

A couple of weeks ago, the government plans on the possibility of limiting access to online gambling platforms and sites. They quote the reasons as being harmful and people will get addicted easier when betting online than on site. Being a regular in this field, I can vouch that it is absolutely true and fair enough to the government for doing that.

Then the news came (not sure whether they are really doing that or not)...

Singapore Pools are now looking to launch their first licensed gambling website to be based in Singapore. Of course, they can somewhat state a few rules to ban Singaporeans from registering online, but it looks remotely unlikely. By doing this, they would be capturing more market share of people who previously were betting in other gambling sites elsewhere.

This brings me to then my next question. What is the point of banning people from other gambling websites and then subsequently create on of each own. And to add to that, they are offering at a much lower odds compared to other gambling sites such as WilliamHill or Bet365. So it seems like the government is contradicting their own reasoning.

I hope the government will think this properly...or else there will be chance for the social to have more attacks on the government coming 2016.


  1. It's called if you can't beat them, join them!

    Or don't let fertile water flow to other people's fields.

    Can't beat the bookies; legalise sports betting. Same for our "Integrated Resorts".

    Who is now the biggest bookie in Singapore?

    But it's for the good of the "community". Put it like that, how to argue back?

    I never ask you to gamble, If you weak-willed, my problem?

    1. Hi SMOL

      Maybe Spools brings one of the best revenue in tax for Singapore community and development. Hahaha, that is called transferring the money from the greed to the community.

      I wonder if the staff bonuses are high for Spools. They are always in the money no matter when where and what mode of betting system.

  2. More gambling addiction soon. Why no one stop them for their sins?

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