Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why is Money never enough?

The known truth of the unknown is out - Money can never be enough.

I am not talking about the Needs versus the Wants in this posting but rather the way of how we as humans perceive "Money". He who loves money can never be satisfied about money. It is akin to looking at a half filled glass of water as half-empty or half-full. Understanding the reasons why money can never be enough is not a step one two three which even a primary kid student can comprehend. It takes a lot of patience, ground understanding and experience to complete that magical jigsaw puzzle in your life.

As you climb through the corporate ladder in your career or as a financial freedom chaser who can see quite the tips of the mountain, you are able to see further than the rest of most people. But as you climb further, you will see many taller mountains, extended for the purpose of people who can never feel enough. As you began to age, you will see many more extension that will drive you crazy as you start to regret on your life journey. $1 Million used to be the ground rule for most people, until someone set it as $10 Million, only for another to break it at $100 Million.

I never can quite understand how these people think nor can I get sufficient explanation to make them understand. The answer is right under the eyes but if it is unfortunate that most people don't open them and because of that, there's no way how they can understand the solution to a simple question.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”


  1. Contentment is a virtue. We can be rich but still contented. In a sense, life is not about pursuing the material things. In fact, humans don't need all the luxuries to be happy. That's why we see some rich people still living a simple life. They are more happier this way.

    1. Hi SG YI

      Contentment needs a value as well. Sometimes it's obvious that life is not about pursuing the material things but to really do it like SMOL is another story. I think the more luxuries the more it pushes people to boundaries :)

  2. B,

    Feeling philosophical?

    We could be very happy hitting our first million milestone at 40, until we found out some idiot hit that milestone at age 35, or another clown had hit 10 million at age 40... That's the moment we discover whether we live life for ourselves or to "compete" with others ;)

    Having said that, nothing wrong with being competitive if that makes you happy!

    1. Hi SMOL

      no no not being philosophical myself ;)

      For others, I don't care. But if it is a family or spouse situation, I'm still thinking how to give the right explanation to contentment. It's easier said than explaining and it's easier explaining than done. Sometimes I'm guilty at times myself. Assigning the right value to contentment is never easy. I wish there was someone who would create a formula and everyone can easily follow it.

      To be SMOL, it's no easy feat ;) hah!!

  3. It's never ending comparing with others. The best is to be content with one has at the present. Live life to the fullest at every moment.


  4. In Singapore, we need to have maintain the spirit of competitiveness. Otherwise we would lose out to our regional neighbours. Its not so much of chasing the money, but striving to be the best in whatever we do.

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    Thank you!