Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Time to rejoice over Earnings Season

First, I would like to apologize for my inactive posting over the past week due to having to rush out reports for my group projects as well as preparing for the upcoming exams this Saturday (ohh noo… I am mentally unprepared).

Anyway, the big news over the past week has been the US shutdown and the government debt ceiling meeting on the 17th October which are about to take place. Closer to home, the trio stories of Blumont, Liongold and Asiaone have been largely dominating the stock market, after plunging more than 90% of their stock price in a few days (God bless those who owns them at $2).

After all the noises we had globally and at home, we finally turn our attention back to the earnings season – a factor which I think is undoubtly the ultimate importance to all companies and investors. Earnings season is usually 4 times a year and it reflects the quarterly performance of the companies. It works almost like a clockwork giving investors like us timely reminder to shift our focus once again to the most important factors of all – EARNINGS. 

For me, I am excited for the upcoming earnings season because it typically means that I get to review the performance of the companies I am invested in. If they are performing well, then thumbs up but if not, then I will be doing further review to decide whether it’s worthwhile to keep the shares. Earnings season also usually coincides with the announcement for dividends payout, not all but at least it is the case for my Reits. This means that another bountiful month with dividends income is going to come by and I am extremely excited to receive them. It feels like extra income just passing by waiting for someone to pick them, with little or no effort in doing so.

With that, I will await for the upcoming full year results for one of the companies in my portfolio, SPH. They will be releasing their full year results after market close on the 11th October 2013. I will be analyzing their results once it is released.

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