Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life is all "About Time"

About a year ago, I've written an article about a movie called "click" (link here) which allows the user to travel forward in time in order to bypass the period in life which may seem monotonous, difficult and unpleasant. Yesterday, I've watched a movie with my wife (celebrating the end of my exam) called "About Time" which has quite similar plot meaning to it except that it allows you to travel back past time to allow you to make amends for a better future.

In life, there are always things which we wish we could have gone back and done something better to it, regardless of whether its a relationship, exam, parenthood or others. The great thing about this movie is it touches not only on relationship but also love, hatred, struggle, family, career, sibling, parenthood and all side factors. The movie also teaches us two things in life.

First, even with the ability to travel back through time, it is better to bypass the moment with that little piece of unpleasantness, re-live each day with all the stresses a normal person would face. If everything that you do has to be a masterpiece of perfection, then you will never truly learnt the art of struggling and picking up from where you left off. It is like a linear equation in life which has a straight line drawn to it, no ups and no downs over time.

The second thing which the movie emphasized is how different your life would turn out to be if you perceive it differently. For instance, you can have a bad day in the office and have someone in MRT steals your seat and suddenly you find yourself the worse moment you can be in. But if you perceive it with a sense of purpose with learning and happiness attached to it, then even faced with a similar situation, you find that it's been a good day after all. For example, when someone steals your seat on the train, you can either be angry about it or you can look it another way by thinking that perhaps this person may need it much more than you.

Overall, this movie is a good perceive of laughter, fulfillment, happiness and many more that touches on our daily life. It is a very good movie to watch with your other half, family and even friends on a weekend. After all, life is about doing monotonous things over and over again, the same time we wake up, go to work, kiss goodbye to our kids and then "rewind" the same video again and again. Life is all about time and nothing more special than to relish that "moment" when it comes to you.


  1. Hi B,

    Good post about life. In life nothing is perfect. It is through those mistakes that we learn and become better.

    1. Hi SG YI

      You should catch the movie. I promise you'll be filled with laughter and thoughts. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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