Friday, August 30, 2013

28th Birthday Edition Post - What's the next target?

This is my 2nd edition birthday post since the inception of this blog.

I turned 28 years old today. Below is a table of my 10 year projection target which I have set at the start of the journey until I turned 35 years old.

I must say things have been going pretty well this year, progressing well ahead of the target which I have set for this year (highlighted in bold). Sadly, it could have been a lot more if not for the market correction we had in these few weeks. Nevertheless, I will need to raise my tempo to reach my next target of $245K which I have planned to reach by the next birthday. With recent market corrections, it also allows me to enter the shares at a much cheaper price which gives me more than  >6% yield on my portfolio cashflow. I hope it doesn't bring my portfolio down to the $100K though!!!

Projection Target
YearYearStarting CapitalCumulative Annual Capital Injection Dividends on Starting CapitalTotal Yearly Dividend PayoutMonthly Passive Income
 *Above excel spreadsheet was extracted from

So now the relaxing part. What did I do on my birthday?

I went to work in the morning, sadly. I wanted to take leave specially for today but thought that maybe I could have utilised my leave better, hence decided to go against my will.

For dinner, I went to eat a korean restaurant called "8" located at the Central. The food was great and the service was excellent. Even some of the waiter and waitresses are Korean themselves. Price is a little steep (I paid $78 for 2 persons) but nevertheless it was still a crowd which shows that something must have attracted them.

I also want to thank my wife for giving me a pencil box as a present. She knew I've always wanted a proper pencil box to put my stationery and she got it just nice for me during my birthday :D Although it was not an expensive gift, I really appreciate what she have done for me.

So that is it. I dream today and wake up tomorrow and when I do so, I live to look forward for the next 365 days to my 29th birthday. Until then, I wish everyone healthy and prosperous.

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today"


  1. Happy Birthday!

    See you as Millionaire in 2023

    1. Thank you Uncle CW for the wish.

      Finger crossed.

  2. Hi B,

    Happy Birthday!

    Congrats on being ahead of schedule and good luck with your next target! $60,000 a year is one ambitious goal.

    1. Hi HWW

      Thank you ^^

      I'm quite unsure if I am able to meet the goal but an ambitious goal will push me harder. Hopefully even if I did not make it, I am still closer to the goal :)

  3. Hi B,

    Happy birthday :)Wah, you can do it for your target! Cheong ah!

    1. Thanks LP.

      It was your blog that starts my investing journey 3 years ago. Huat :)

  4. Happy Birthday !

  5. Hi,

    Happy belated birthday! It will be my 28th birthday as well in a month's time. :)

    You have an impressive and enviable portfolio there! Commendable achievement for a 28 year old.

    Besides age, I do see some similarities in terms of our approach towards investment that is very much fundamentals and passive income oriented.

    Wonder if we can exchange blog links? Mine is

  6. Hi CSCCC

    Thanks for your birthday wish.

    I think its great to see that we hv more younger and younger community who are starting to save up early like yourself too. You had a great blog too btw. I would put your blog up at my list ;)

    1. Thanks B! Have put up ur blog in my blog link.
      Look forward to future interactions!

  7. B,

    Aw... What a cute birthday card from your wife!

    I've not seen a pop-up card in ages ;)

    Sharing time with love ones is more fun than investing.


    1. Thanks SMOL

      We are indeed still in a honeymoon period.

      Hehehe, hope time don't past so quickly when we are at this stage ;)