Sunday, July 14, 2013

Student, 14, gets BMW for junior high graduation

We see more younger and younger generation these days gets spoiled by parents. This is another one of them.
"Did you receive a gift after completing your Secondary 2 exams?
Even if you did, you would have probably would have been rather grateful with a vacation as a reward.
However, Tariq, a 14-year-old who just graduated junior high in Palembang, Indonesia, received a car, a BMW 1 Series, which his father paid for in cash, he proudly told the website Indoboom.
The young teen chose the particular model because there is only one other unit in the whole of Palembang.
While he's still being chauffeured to school as he is not allowed to drive the car, he has already spent US$21,200 (S$ 26,798) pimping his ride up with accessories from Germany."


  1. WOW! I can imagine what kind of person this kid will grow up to be.

  2. A ton of my companions guardians at school had BMW's and they apparently had cool cars and even right up 'til the present time saying that you claim a BMW has a ring about it that gives you incredible preference for cars as well as shows to the world that you are at the highest point of your diversion. private car sales