Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SPH Reits Results - Unsuccessful IPO Bid

The results many investors are awaiting for is out finally. As expected, both the public and private tranche were over subscribed by quite a number.
At the lower bands, the chances are actually greater than the higher bands by quite a bit, which is why the percentage of total number of units are slightly skewed to the left. If you are one of those who bids 1 to 49 lots, chances are you are more likely to get them as the percentage is more than/equal to 50%. I think with this result, we could see lesser people trying to flip tomorrow when market opens as they were only allocated 1-3 lots, which does not make it worthwhile to flip them.
I am, of course, writing this as one of the unlucky people who was not successful in the bids. My intention was of course to flip this quickly to make short term profits. With FCT and Starhill leading the retail packs to report good results today, we could see SPH Reits doing really well tomorrow on its first day of trading.
Good luck to all successful investors of SPH Reits.


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