Monday, July 29, 2013

Recent Actions - Plife Reit/SPH/FCOT

I made some small divestments for Plife Reit and SPH in my portfolio today.

For Plife Reit, I have sold off 3 lots at a market price $2.54. Based on my average purchase price at $1.85 which I bought in Sept 2012 and including 3 rounds of dividends which I have received in Sep 12/Jan 13/May 13, my gains would be at 41.6% over the course of 10 months.

For SPH, I have sold off 1 lot at a market price of $4.39. Based on my average purchase price at $4.29 which I bought in Jun 2013,, my gains would be at 2.33% over the course of  a month. SPH remains my top 3 holdings in my portfolio with 6 lots.

On the buy side, I have gone long on 11 lots of FraserCommTrust (FCOT) at $1.35. Based on this price, the yield for the stock would be around 6.5%. The stock will go ex-dividend tomorrow and I will be entitled to the dividends at $0.02185/share. The reason I purchased FCOT at this time is because it has reported impressive results recently and I foresee the office rental to trend up further (currently at ~ $7/sqfeet) within the next year or two. Though worries of supply is surrounding the office sector, the improving economy and the B-grade sector should see an improved rental for their office in the next 2 years.

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