Monday, July 22, 2013

Recent Action: Ascendas Reit

I divested my Ascendas Reits at S$2.35 today, after buying them at S$2.17 last month. This is my first capital gain of the month, considering that the market has been volatile recently. Including a dividend of S$0.0355/share (the stock has gone ex-dividend on 22/7), I have locked in gains of around 10% over a period of slightly more than a month. That's not too bad in my opinion.

Ascendas Reit has recently reported good numbers on its latest results and this trend is set to continue given the management statement that further AEI can be expected in the next set of results. My only worry stems from further QE tapering news again which we may hear from the Feds. Within a few months, we've seen Ascendas hit as high as 2.80 and as low as 2.08 recently. Selling at S$2.35 on market strength today certainly gives a little room for profit taking and realized profits on the pocket. Should the share revisit my buying price again in the short-term, I would be a buyer again.

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