Sunday, July 28, 2013

McDonald's way of Money Management Practice

So you've heard of Mcdonald's latest gift innovations? No, I'm not talking about the Hello Kitty nor the Minions. I am talking about the Mcdonald's way of practicing money management skills.

If you want a latest of the guide, you may download them via pdf:

"At Mcdonald, every day and every dollar makes a difference"



  1. B,

    This is one patronising attempt to do "good".

    But at least they were honest enough to show that you can't possibly survive on the low pay they are paying - no matter how you budget or save.

    You need to EARN MORE by getting a 2nd job.

    There is a budget for car payment and insurance, I guess petrol is group under "others"... Parking is "free" in US?

    1. Hi SMOL

      It is quite scary isn't it that the impressions are Americans can't survive on one job and must find a second job to deal with life. The issue is in America the unemployment rate are at around 7% (on paper) and in reality there could possibly be much more. We'll never know how many people can even find a single job, let alone two.

      I used to live in the US for 4 years and don't remember parking as free. In cities like NY and LA, the parking is even more crazily priced.