Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Selling off 2 of the conglomerates to accumulate cash

I took the opportunity today to continue taking profit off the table from my 2 holdings - SIA Engineering and ST Engineering on a rare upside day. Both stocks have given me much profits from the moment I bought them almost 2 years ago. I just have a feeling that both stocks will go much lower than their current market price which is not warranted given their flat earnings, high historical PE and weak market sentiments.
As a result of these sales, I am now sitting on a huge cashpile to take advantage of the current weak market sentiment. I can just hope I am right.
I'll pick ST Eng - target @ 3.60 and SIA Eng - target @ 4.40 again when prices have turned more attractive levels.


  1. B,

    Mommy says got money cannot reveal to others.

    Lucky you never reveal your address, wait robbers come you know?


    1. Hi SMOL

      Hahahaha. What I meant by huge cashpile is still not worthwhile to rob me cause the amount is still too little by comparison.

      Ooops I know how you look btw SMOL. You may want to beware of the person on your 7 o clock now ;) Could be me ^^