Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just for Fun: Toilet in Japan (One of the funniest I have ever seen)

We all know that Japan has a lot of weirdo stuff. So when I went to Japan recently and into their toilet to take a pee, guess what I've found:

Apparently, the idea is that you will need to aim correctly when you pee and you will win the round. This way it will encourage people to aim properly when they pee and over the course of time, the toilet will be very much cleaner. It will be interesting to have this installed in Singapore toilet of course.

And for the record, I win one and lose twice when peeing. Apparently, my aiming suck!!! :( LOL


  1. B,

    Japan's toilets are amazing aren't they?

    The last time when I was in Tokyo, I was in a bookshop and the toilets there blow me away:

    1. Soft yellow down lights with black walls. Like in a cinema or art gallery.

    2. Got piped in music - New Age nature sounds.

    3. Toilet seat can adjust temperature.

    4. Got that water sprouting thing I had fun playing... Thankfully still got the paper option for low tech person like me.

    5. After you flush, it releases an air freshener with flower scent!

    6. Water basin got clear and simple graphic signs on how to activate water and soap. I've been embarrassed by some toilets in Singapore... We sometimes forget about the older folks and less informed. Some of our high tech water basins work poorly...

    The condition of public toilets tell a lot about the cultural development of a nation.

    1. Hi SMOL

      I couldn't agree more with you.

      Toilets in Japan are wonderful, especially the flush and the temperature like you said. I kept playing with the spraying front and back too all the time. Till today, Japan still feels like a dream hahaha.

      Not sure though if they are spending over excessively on these toilets, but I certainly had a good impression of it ;)